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You arrived in a space of awakening and of presence.

This space is for those who are looking to change their lives,

Awaken the master within

and find their true life purpose.

This space will remind you to connect to your body through detox, conscious movement and meditation,

inquire into your beliefs and become more resilient to cope with your life situations. 


Change your perspective in life

and face the challenges life presents you,

by coming back to this moment

and questioning your thoughts.

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... A conscious way to meet 

whatever shows up in your life.


Make a change in your way of thinking,

lifestyle, and simple actions. 


Find out what isn't working for you

And awaken the master within you

to recognize what is.

Our Upcoming Retreats

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All year round


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All year round


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All year round


Awakening to Life Retreat is about

Bringing awareness

to every aspect of your life

by looking deeply into everything

that you do, think, and feel.

Being aware of your

body, emotions, energy, and mind –

from the gross to the subtle.

From this awareness,

a conscious life change emerges.


Where are we?

We are located in Algodres, Central Portugal.
We have a Mongolian Yurt where we host our retreat guests in, with their own private composting toilet and hot shower.

The kitchen and sitting area are right outside of the yurt, allowing you privacy, with two hammocks to relax in under the trees.

We do most of the practices in the dome,
located 50m from the yurt. A sacred space to do our morning and afternoon practices,
and our 1:1 and group awakening talks.