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Step into a realm of awareness and transformation.

Welcome to a sacred space of awakening and challenge, where you'll embark on a courageous journey of self-discovery, fearlessly confronting your deepest fears, pain, and resistance to life itself.

Get ready to unlock your true potential, embrace authenticity, and embark on a path of profound personal growth.

This is where your transformation begins.

This space will remind you to connect to your body through detox, conscious movement and stillness meditation,

inquire into your beliefs and become more resilient to cope with your life situations. 


Change your perspective on life

and face the challenges life presents you,

by coming back to this moment

and questioning your thoughts.

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Discover a conscious way to meet 

whatever shows up in your life.


Make a change in your ways of thinking,

lifestyle, and simple actions. 


Find out what isn't working for you

And awaken the master within you

to recognize what is.

Our Transformative Detox, Silence & Meditation Program

Our Program will support you to bring more awareness to every aspect of your life,

by looking deeply into everything

that you do, think, and feel.

Here, you will become much more aware of your body, emotions, energy, and mind –

from the gross to the subtle.

From this awareness,

a conscious life change emerges.

awakening session
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Where are we?

The retreat venue is located in Tábua, Central Portugal, in the midst of a peaceful forest.

The center consists of 4 bedrooms, a spacious garden, an outdoor yoga deck with pool, and a living space where we will meet for our sessions.

There is a lovely terrace to enjoy sitting outside, with hammocks and a view overlooking the forest.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to connect to nature, simplicity and themselves, while sleeping in comfort.


You can get here from both Lisbon Airport (LIS) and Porto Airport (OPO). It is a 3-hour bus drive from Lisbon and a 2-hour bus drive from Porto.

We will arrange for the taxi to pick you up from the bus station to our location, free of charge.


"A truly worthwhile process to get back to basics and rediscover the true meaning of being. "

—  Natalie, South Africa

"A rare opportunity to re-connect with the inner-self, question basic life principles and find clarity on key life aspects."

—  Saul, England

"A challenging process that enriches and motivates us to explore and ask the questions that arise within us every day and we have no answer to."

—  Reut, Israel

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