conscious living


You arrived in a space of awareness and of challenge.

It is not for the faint-hearted. 

It is for those who are truly committed to change,

who wish to transform their lives,

and are prepared to face the challenge in order to do so.

This space will remind you to connect to yourself, question your beliefs and develop the strength to cope with life. 

It will support you in breaking down the resistance you feel towards letting go of the familiar.

conscious living


a new way to relate and respond to whatever shows up in your life

Discover a new perspective on life


and experience how it affects your emotions, behaviour, and simple actions. 

conscious living

Freedom of mind is when one is not identified with one's mind.

This space will allow you to face the challenges in your life, by coming back to this moment and investigating your thoughts.

Yigal OmJi - "Mind Shaman"

Hello Dear one,

I always knew within me that there was a way to be always happy, unconditionally.

On my self-discovery journey, I met teachers who outlined the way to true happiness, a path of clarity and peace, and a life of an awakened being who is free of fear and suffering.

I applied all that I learned through daily practice to be present and connected to myself by observing my body, feelings, and thoughts as they are.

Today, I am sharing this simple path of conscious living with you, to support your journey, wherever you are.

Conscious Living is about...

Bringing awareness to every aspect of your life

by looking deeply into everything

that you do, think, and feel.

Being aware of your body, emotions, energy, and mind –

from the gross to the subtle.

The Journey of Conscious Living


To this simple moment and to yourself through your body, mind, emotions, and energy. 


Your mental and physical limitations that are holding you back from living your passion


Gain clarity and fulfil your self physically, emotionally and mentally to realize potential


Your ability to choose what you want and need for a fulfilled life


Access life’s infinite possibilities from a limitless outlook by changing your approach


Develop your inner strength and become more open and adaptable to life


"A challenging process that enriches and motivates us to explore and ask the questions that arise within us every day and we have no answer to."

—  Reut, Israel

Online 1:1 Mindfulness Program

Months of Conscious Living

‘Be Yourself’ is an online program of 12 sessions, designed for those of you who want to take 100 percent responsibility for their lives and take action.

Are you ready to make a fundamental change in your life?

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Conscious Living 

Starts with Awareness 

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