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I offer you support and guidance to talk about any topic in your life that you feel

either stuck, confused, lost, or unclear about.

This meeting will allow you to address your life situation with clarity, focus, and calm. It will support you to make necessary changes in your life through self-awareness.
It will give you the clarity to see the possibilities of

working together and maximising your life. 

The consultation will be held via Zoom App.

Choose your day and let's talk :)


Yigal Omji

  • Receive valuable support and guidance in any area of your life

    30 min

  • תמיכה בכל תחום בחיים שהייתם רוצים לקבל עליו בהירות, הכוונה, או השתקפות

    30 min


Self-Discovery, Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Self-Inquiry, Transformation, Self-awareness, lifestyle and Conscious Living

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