This is the moment to change your life


Online Awakening & Conscious Living Program

A program designed for those of you who want to take 100 percent responsibility for their lives and take action for change.

This online program consists of 12 weekly meetings of one hour each, with mentoring that will support you in making a fundamental change in your life.


I am Yigal, a guide to self-awareness.


For the past 20 years, I went through a process of awakening and self-discovery, to find out who I was and the life I want to live. 

I released the conditioning that limited me from connecting to myself and the happiness within me.

I changed unsupportive habits to habits that nourish me and bring light to my life.

I discovered my true nature, found harmony within, and made peace with myself and my surrounding.

In a simple, attentive, and dynamic way, I would love to share, inspire, and open the space for you to discover your own way to live life and be happy.


We will work on the following topics:


✔︎ We will create a dialogue on meaningful topics in your life

✔︎ We will identify, explore and inquire into your limiting beliefs


✔︎ We will find creative ways to deal with challenging situations in your life


✔︎ We will make a change (habits, food, relationships, family, money, lifestyle, body, addictions)


✔︎ We will establish a vision for life, mission and goals

✔︎ We will learn how to deal with emotions like fear, guilt, doubt, anger, jealousy, attachment ...

✔︎ We will start connecting to this moment without limitation

Together, we will create a program tailored to your needs!


I will be a mentor who will challenge you to overcome your obstacles.

I will give you a clear reflection and awaken your intellect

to investigate yourself and your life.

I will raise your awareness level to issues in your life.

Together we will create a daily ritual to cultivate vitality, appreciation, resilience, joy and energy.

Be Yourself will support you to develop emotional, mental and physical resilience, in order to overcome all the challenges that life summons to you.

You will have the clarity you need to live a happy life.

We will create the program together, by discovering

Where you are now, where you want to be,

and what are the  stepping stones to get there.

With the support of this program, you will start

to change your life today.


What's included?

12 online sessions (once a week) for three months

Reading and practice materials, and daily support via WhatsApp.

Total Cost = $600 USD

Take your first step towards change.

I would like to offer you a free consultation with me to give you clarity and an idea of the process.


This way you will know if this is the right program for you.

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The program has helped me a lot to realize what I have to do to reduce the stress and anxiety in my life but I still spend most of my time on autopilot. On the other hand, I have more moments of clarity where I am wondering what I am actually doing. So that’s a start. 

What really stands out to me in the program is the simplicity and clarity of the conveyed messages and the focus on causes, not effects. I had some insights that I didn’t seem to get from other sources. During the 3 months, I started to notice that every thought, emotion, my entire identity is a story, so my behaviors are built on ideas and I am not really aware of what is real, which is an interesting realization I would say. That’s because there is no rigid program you have to follow so there is the space for the realizations to come when they come and nothing is forced. That’s what I liked about the program. What actually stood out to me was the idea of "being ok with not being ok". I don’t suffer because I feel anxious but because I am not ok with feeling anxious. What I noticed during the program and now as well is, while I know my goals, I don’t think I have fully committed to them because there are still so many conflicting drives within me such as laziness, comfort, fear of success, congruence with my past and thus the continuously reappearing doubt why I should go through all the pain, even though I realized that all I have to do is commit to what is and act in accordance with reality as it is in the moment. After having some key insights it is now all about continuously reminding myself of that. Thank you so much for the support and the reminders.

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