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Phone and Whatsapp: +855889340876


Sen Monorom Town, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia - "Monnyvan Motel" 11254

Just BE It © 2018 Om Ma Ya Om Center

Our Approach

Om.Ma.Ya.Om center for Awakening & Transformation supports all beings to find within themselves the support they seek for change.

Om.Ma.Ya.Om inspires and awakens within us the Urge to:

  • Question what we think

  • Realize what we want

  • Develop the tools for change

  • Take the first steps


Om.Ma.Ya.Om offers a space of encouragement. A space that allows us to be and express ourselves as we truly are. A space that reminds us to live according to what is in the present reality.

Om.Ma.Ya.Om intends to show us a way that will support us to be vital, clear, appreciative and content human beings.

At the center, we explore our ways of thinking and see how they affect our feelings, behavior, and actions. We inquire into the beliefs that limit us from living a peaceful, satisfied and present life. 


We work on increasing our body awareness, through daily walks in nature, conscious breathing and movement, meditation and more. In this way, we develop the ability to cope with physical discomfort in the body.


Along with all this, we focus on living a practical, centered and simple natural life, and developing the ability to take care of ourselves and take responsibility for our lives in all respects. It is a transformative place in which a person can receive support, challenge himself, make a change, and be who one truly is.

Join us
Awaken to what challenges you from living the life you want. Come and learn about yourself in actuality, experience and discover how to live a simple, conscious, healthier and content life.
This space will allow you to:
  • Transform your approach to life by meeting and overcoming the challenges life presents you.
  • Learn how to stop, question, reflect and take clear action, by investigating your mind.