All is well?

All is well

not in the future

All is well

Right Now

I like it

I don't like it

It doesn't change the fact

That everything is alright, right now.

How do I work with it?

By reminding myself

that I don't have a problem with life.

Only when I forget and believe

To the memory

that appears within me

I call this memory - thoughts

That are telling me

It could be like this

It should be like that

It shouldn't be like that

and the tool is to recognize them

To notice

And to awaken to the reality

of what is as it is, every moment

Then, I will to keep it simple

By not complicating this recognition.

I don't have to understand the fact

I don't have to understand the mind

I don't have to understand the feeling

I simply remind myself

That whatever is happening right now

is already Over

and I am aware

and this “I” that is always aware

Is not a thought, is not an entity.

Call it whatever you like

because it is nameless.

It is what it is.

A constant change

Of appearance

Of projections

Of thoughts

Of ideas

Of concepts

This is what I work with.

Not in a sense of

fixing something

searching for something

not at all.

When I use the work,

I acknowledge, I recognize

I see the difference between

The thought reporting what is

and the thought reporting what I’d like it to be

How it could be, How it will be.

Does it make me strong

to escape the feeling,

the challenge in life?

not at all.

So I’m gonna meet what is as it is.

All is well.

When anger, frustration, or violence

arise within me

it's an opportunity to stop, question, and observe,

Am I arguing with life?

Or to simply remember,

to see this moment as it is.

The moment

we keep it simple

It's effortless.

Let it sustain itself by itself

it's just a recognition.

Imagine that every time

the dark appears

you have the switch

to turn the light on

and the darkness vanishes.

We don't have to sustain the light.

we don't have to fight with ignorance.

It is what it is

Whatever appears within me

it's bound to change.

Notice how the experiencer

Who claims “this is my experience”

Doesn’t recognize

that it's just an experience that passes by.

I recondition the mind

to see what is as it is

no more - no less

and to understand that it is conditioned

that it perceives a world

that is projected from within.

We don't have to change our perceptions

The beliefs

None of it

Just start to acknowledge

What is the cause -

When I feel agitation?

What is the cause -

When I fight with what is?

What is this system -

that I was born into and sustain?

My should’s and shouldn'ts.

Once we are aware of this conditioning

we can observe it and

it will vanish by itself

You don't have to believe anyone

Just put it into use

Acknowledge “it is what it is”

Take the essence

Drop the gross


All is well

It's a reminder

To arrive home.

enjoy this simple moment

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