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Embrace Self-Awareness: Transform Your Life by Sitting with Yourself

The Transformative Power of Sitting with Yourself

When we take the time to sit with ourselves, we open the door to a deeper understanding of who we are. This practice allows us to acknowledge our past hurts , challenges, and belief systems—the unique story that makes up the book of our lives. Without reading this book, we remain unaware of our true selves, including our strengths, weaknesses, and conditioning. Without this awareness, we remain in a state of struggle, not fully grasping the nature of what we are dealing with.

Meditation session at Om Maya Om Retreat Centre in Portugal
Meditation session at Om Maya Om Retreat Centre in Portugal

Understanding and Overcoming Struggle

Struggle arises from a lack of understanding. When we do not comprehend the nature of our challenges, they become daunting and overwhelming. However, awareness transforms this struggle into a manageable journey. With awareness, we can engage with, direct, and create energy effortlessly. When we become aware, we can better navigate our experiences.

Seeing Through The Illusion of Pain

One of the most profound benefits of sitting with oneself is the ability to see through illusions, especially those related to pain. When we are unaware, pain feels permanent and frightening. However, pain is not static; it moves and changes. Realizing this helps us handle it more effectively. Pain, like time, is difficult to pin down when it's in motion. In direct experience, pain varies in intensity, and it is our mind's conditioning that influences our perception of it. Recognizing this lets us experience pain without adding unnecessary suffering.

Breaking Free from Conditioned Patterns

This understanding extends to other areas of life. Often, we cling to ideas and create problems simply to find solutions, perpetuating inner conflict. Our natural state is one of goodness; harming ourselves or others feels unnatural because we are inherently inclined to feel good and do good.

By sitting with ourselves, we can acknowledge and forgive past actions, understanding that much of the harm we have caused was done unconsciously. This self-awareness helps break the cycle of pain and addiction, whether to devices or habits, by revealing the underlying reasons for our behavior.

Accessing True Knowledge Within By Sitting With Yourself

True knowledge resides within us, and sitting with ourselves helps us access it. This practice requires dedication to understanding our true desires and core values, leading to a focused and purposeful life. By doing so, we find contentment and reduce inner conflict, by being grateful with and acknowledge what is.

life awareness session at Om Maya Om Retreat Centre in Portugal
Life Awareness Session at Om Maya Om Retreat Centre in Portugal

A Path to Meaningful Life of Abundance

In conclusion, sitting with ourselves offers profound benefits. It allows us to see through the illusions of pain, break free from conditioned patterns, and access the true knowledge within. This practice leads to a life of contentment, reduced inner conflict, and abundance. By dedicating time to understanding our true selves, we can create a focused, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

Join Our 10-Day Self-Awareness Journey in Portugal

We invite you to attend our 10-day Self-Awareness Journey to know yourself deeply in Portugal. This immersive experience will guide you through the transformative practice of sitting with yourself, helping you unlock the profound benefits discussed above. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


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