Finding the Mentor

When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.

This is my sharing on the challenging journey that I have gone through with Yigal, my mentor, in the past three years.

finding the mentor
I met him at the exact time, in the exact place.

I had been searching for a path that would lead me to happiness for 3 years.

During the journey, I practiced and learned all kinds of theories, philosophies, and practices that conveyed they would take me to happiness.

I lived in a monastery for 6 months, lived in various places in the world where I was exposed to other ways of living, in order to find my way. On this journey I encountered even more confusion, doubts, and fear. It seemed that none of these ways was not my way.

I met Yigal at that turning point. I met him at a cafe. Already in the first conversation with him, when our eyes met, I knew that this was my guide. There was something in him that I could not ignore or remain indifferent to.

Yigal shared with me the whole essence of life in this conversation, it only took me time to take everything in.

And so it was that since that meeting, day after day, we began to meet randomly in various places and continued to deepen - and I was hungry, curious, with passion, a desire to discover and know myself.

I did not know much.

For some reason I had the grace to try and experience, and not to close the door to something that could be revolutionary to my life, essential, transformative.

Moment by moment, Yigal revealed to me the insights he reached after years of introspection, within himself and in the world. He would repeat the sentence, "I only remind you of what you have forgotten."

We entered into deep discussions about the mechanism in which we live as a society and as individuals, about the choices we make, about the fear that governs us and determines certain decisions, about how we are driven by pleasure and pain.

It is simply a recognition of the beliefs we have that have restricted us from being who we are and assigned us to a small and limited personality.

Who we think we are is the result of the social conventions of generation after generation of people who did not inquire, who did not question, who went as a herd, who obeyed orders, who chose countless times a way that does not really support them to live, through fear. And here I am, awakening to my own mechanism.

It felt like a baby starting to walk, who lived 27 years under the restriction of need and should, of right and wrong, of a limited personality living in fear of her own shadow, from the stories that she was fed so many years.

And in me then began to awaken the ability to choose moment by moment what is right for me. What resonates with me. Being here, in reality, and not in imagination.

Yigal took me step by step into myself, raising my awareness of myself, to my body, sensations, and mindset; through conversations, practical exercises to connect to the body, conscious walking and movement, vegan and alive nutrition, and learn to deal with challenges by exploring and investigating my beliefs, and taking full responsibility for my life, and begin to acknowledge what is and what is not right now.

Living with a conscious person is challenging.

This means that you can not "fall asleep" next to him, you have to stay awake, you can not deny, defend yourself, slacken, blame, attack - because I know he will direct the light to me, see that it's only my story, and take responsibility for it. Living with a conscious person means to be with someone who constantly raises and stretches your threshold of pain, with all kinds of challenges, and because he is aware of your weaknesses he will not make your life easy.

He will not give up on you.

He will not turn a blind eye. He is present, you notice that he has been paying attention to you all the time, that he will wake you up if you have not done something or done anything, turn your attention to things so that you will be aware of everything around you and within you.

I was personally challenged with working on the body, overcoming laziness, denial and making excuses, self-judgment, taking initiative, taking responsibility, and not falling into the pit of despair and be the victim.

So I consciously decided to stay close to a conscious person, to be under the shadow of the tree, and to draw, learn and develop as many tools as possible under his supervision, support and guidance, to live a practical and contented life and be who I am.

Now, after the gift I received from life, I want to share this gift and this person with those of you who are prepared for and has a desire to know themselves and make a radical change in life.

Yigal has been guiding people around the world for over 12 years, and has supported them to find their way and be who they are.

So this is a call to those who are looking for it because this is something truly rare in the market - a mentor.

I am still faced with the beliefs I have about myself and about life, that challenge me in daily life.

Today I have the tools to deal with them.

I become aware of how playing the victim does not really support me. How being dependent on a spouse, family, or any other person or system does not support me.

To live such a life, with gratitude, with satisfaction, appreciation, calmness, vitality, and aliveness, is a gift to every human being.

Thank you for reading and I send you a light to continue your journey.

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