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Get stronger

If you want to get stronger, focus on your weakness.

Appreciate the process, without looking for approval from outside.

Don’t focus on anyone's approval because it won’t make you stronger.

Don't try to justify yourself, condemn, judge, or compare yourself with others.

That won't help either.

You know where you are, and what you are capable of.

You know your soft spots.

Your tendencies, your pains, your addictions, your desires.

Though, sometimes the denial and the false pretence are preventing you from looking at yourself truly.

When you are strong, there is no focus on a specific outcome.

There is meeting the challenge as it is, and adjust.

There is an acknowledgement, a constant growth, a willingness to overcome whatever obstacle lies ahead.

It is resilience, what you are looking for.

A state in which anything that happens to you, doesn't bring you down.

It doesn't make you paralysed. It doesn't stop you from achieving your goal.

It doesn't limit you in any way, because there is always a way.

Do you know what you need to do, to get stronger?

Do you have a clear guidance to support your process?

Do you know your weaknesses?

Read more about OmMaYaOm, and how we can help you get stronger.


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