Have you tried to go up the stream?

Have you ever experienced that you want to do something with your life, different from the way other people around you do, Yet you did not know how to do it?

Experience Self-inquiry at OmMaYaOm Retreat Center
Let’s go closer to the source of a stream.

Have you ever experienced fear of the unknown?

Trying to find your way but having so many doubts, conflicts and challenges that were holding you back from moving forward?

Have you ever experienced being reluctant to invest energy, time, money, or effort because of laziness, lack of motivation, unwillingness to experience discomfort, to cope?

What a shame it is to live a limited life. A life without passion, a life of fear, a life of laziness.

We are already here, so how come we do not give a hundred percent of ourselves?

Why don't we invest in ourselves?

explore life,

challenge ourselves,

ask questions,

try out different things,

discover new ways,


be creative,

get stronger,

cross mental boundaries?

How come we're talking about making a change in public and with ourselves, yet we don't actually do it?

Learn more about how to make a change here.


Self-Discovery, Meditation, Yoga, Inquiry, Mindset and Conscious Living

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