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Lemon water🍋 & Cayenne pepper🌶️ Wellness Practice

Warm lemon and cayenne pepper water are praised as a detoxifying and metabolism-boosting natural remedy.

Lemons contain a large amount of vitamin C, which transforms toxins into digestible material. Lemons, though acidic, help neutralize the body’s pH by making it more alkaline. Cayenne pepper packs its own incredibly healthy punch, as it stimulates the circulatory system, aids digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar. It can also increase your body temperature and speed up your metabolism. The mix of them have a lot of health benefits: it boosts immunity, stimulates the liver, aids digestion, defends against bacteria, lowers blood pressure, reduces sugar cravings, aids the lymphatic system and boosts energy.

It is most recommended to drink it first thing in the morning (after water). It can be taken in a shot or in a full cup just like in the picture. It’s a simple addition to your health and wellness routine and a great way to start the day.

lemon water and cayenne pepper