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How to Change from Becoming to Being

I often think about reaching my goal. Becoming.

But the question is,

What is the reason that I want to become?

What is the reason that I want to achieve?

What is it that I'm truly looking for?

I forgot to stop and ask this simple question: What do I really want?

I want to be happy,

I want to feel alive,

I want to be fulfilled,

I want to feel connected and loved,

I want to feel appreciated.

As long as I seek to become something,

it will be impossible to acknowledge and to recognize what I already have.

The conditioning is to be... There.

To reach my goal, I need to go through a process of becoming.

All for one reason: To be happy

To have that sense of freedom that I can be what I want to be.

Notice how the mind is constantly seeking to be happy.

A ceaseless chase after pleasure or avoidance of pain.

An endless movement between our cravings and our aversions.

Did it work for you so far? to constantly look for the next thing.

Is this system working for you? to be in a constant movement, without stopping to appreciate what is and to feel content?

free bird

If yes, you don't need to change a thing.

If not, what is the reason that you continue to sustain and support this system?

Now is the time to stop, ask and find out what truly works for you.

Why do you follow a system that causes you to compare yourself to your yesterday self? to compare yourself to other people?

Is it necessary to compare in order to be happy?

Awaken the knowledge within you.

If you are not happy -

what is the cause of your unhappiness?

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This is the moment to realize who you are.

This is the moment to choose to be alive.

This is the moment to choose to be content,

to be happy, regardless of what is happening.

It's the time to recognize that right now,

at this moment,

You are free.

If you don't recognize it, then ask:

How come you are not free?

what is the cause?

How does one work with one's habits and conditioning?

You have to find a way or a guide that will support you, moment to moment.

You have to experience that your path is working for you right now,

and not someday in the future.

When you hear people say- "Practice, and one day you will realize it"

Don't be satisfied with it.

When you are hungry - you want to eat right now!

You want to feel a shift in your life right now.

Let's remind ourselves what we forgot.

That we follow a system, and it's not even our system!

We follow this system without questioning the system.

You don't have to get rid of the system.

You don't have to destroy the system.

You want to understand it.

You want to directly experience the system.

How does it operate?

"Something is missing."

What is the cause of it?

and don't look for an answer, just observe.

The wisdom will come from within you and it will constantly change.

Ask the question

Are you happy?

Don't look for an answer.

It will come to you.

If you're not happy,

If you're not content,

find a way to discover

through questioning and observation,

What is the cause?

All beings can experience, right now, that they are




We can’t achieve the goal of being happy, because it is our nature.

We can't achieve something that we are.

Happiness is what is happening right now.

When I want to achieve happiness, I do it intellectually.

I look for the experience of the past to repeat itself in the present moment.

This way I avoid being with what is happening right now.

Happiness, contentment, is what is happening right now.

That’s why we can’t get it - it is right here in front of us.

The mind will never be satisfied with life but only momentarily.

So it is insane of us to chase after a pleasurable experience that will last for only a short moment, then go on to the next chase.

Instead of looking for the momentary pleasure, put the attention on the happiness that doesn’t change.

That is who you truly are.


Thank you for reading!

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Akasha Love
Akasha Love
Jul 08, 2020

Thanks Om Maya Om. A thoughtful and interesting post as usual. I have done some 'becoming' myself - adopted a new name of Akasha Love. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to opening up more Space for Love in myself and others. Plus - who am I, as you say? I am not my name, not my body, not my experiences, not my past, not my family, not my society. I am who I choose to be in each and every moment in time. Space and Love to you from Bali. /|\

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