No Blame.

It is all the fruit of our own creation.

We chose this.

When one ‘wakes up’ to this insight, he is in tremendous reaction to his life, to his own mind.

”How could I have chosen this path for so many years?’’

A path of guilt, blame, justification, defence, proof, competition, being the victim? "How did I do it to myself? Why? What did I get from it? What was the use of it?”

When one awakens to this simple realization, he begins to experience time and time again that he is not getting any benefit out of it, and he becomes aware of the mechanism- as it is.

This will naturally generate change, because there is no more covering- everything is clear.

As long as one is not fully aware of his own mind mechanism, which is expressed through his thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and is not aware of the cause and effect of his actions, and doesn’t start to ask essential life questions such as why I do what I do and what is the purpose of it… there can be no change.

Even if change seems to happen, but it does not really come from deep insight and a conscious state, it will only be temporary and not really revolutionise to one’s life.

Any conscious change one makes in a particular field begins to affect and make a change in all other areas of life that we have not been aware of or repressed for years.

So maybe we have had enough of this kind of life, and it’s time for something else?

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