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Why Practice Smiling?

Have you noticed how many times a day you smile ?


There seem to be so many reasons for this simple action, yet for some reason we don’t do it quite so often. Let’s stop and take a moment to experience fully how it feels like to smile without any special reason, and observe the effect: sit still with eyes closed and take a moment to feel your entire body, breathe naturally. After a while, put a huge smile on your face and see if something changes in your sensations.

Give it some time.. you might be surprised !

Most of the time, we associate smiling with being happy, yet there are other useful benefits for smiling related to your mental and physical health:

It oxygenates your brain,

It stimulates your immune system,

It decreases blood pressure,

It lowers stress and depression,

It uplifts your vital life energy,

and it welcomes positivity into your life.

From a social point of view, smiling makes you look more confident, reliable and sympathetic. And here is the good news : it is contagious!

Now, if these points awakened something within you, let’s inquire further about the long term benefits, with the following challenge :

Are you ready to smile fully, generously, when you don’t want to?

Try and see how it transforms your life.

smiling makes you look more confident
Smile - even when you don't feel like!

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Jada C
Jada C
12 de set. de 2021

Great bllog post

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