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The Benefit of Standing Meditation

standing meditation

Standing meditation is a simple yet powerful exercise, with extraordinary mental and physical benefits, which will enhance your energy, mental clarity, and internal strength. 

It’s an excellent practice for improving your productivity and bringing more aliveness to everything you do.

In standing meditation you are simply required to stand still.

The initial goal is to connect to yourself in any situation. The goal is the path of being here.

Then, the goal is to relax and sink all the tension in your body beneath your feet.

This standing method cultivates the body’s natural energy called chi.

You can practice it anywhere, at anytime.

It offers a fast and effective means to recharge your energy, reduce stress, gain mental clarity, and stay focused.

Done properly, you’ll be more energized after even a brief practice session.

Imagine an exercise that has all the health benefits of aerobic exercise, but that leaves you relaxed and energized.

bare feet

How to practice ?

Stand straight, bare feet, with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, arms relaxed on both sides of your body. Close your eyes and breathe naturally.

This practice leads to internal discoveries about your body.

You might experience shaking. Allow it, it’s part of the process.

If you’re successful in releasing tension and sinking your energy downward, your feet will get heavy. It may feel as though they are glued to the ground.

When you release tension in your upper body, your arms may fill up with energy. It can feel like they are being propelled away from your body by a magnetic force.

Standing meditation is regarded as a foundational practice for martial arts, because of its mental and physical impact.

You start to practice it for one minute, and increase it each day by one minute until you get to 1 hour. Practice it next to a chair so you can sit if you experience any challenge, such as dizziness, nausea, pain etc.

It is important not to fight with the standing. Stretch according to your abilities.

Among its benefits, standing meditation :

1. Unblocks stagnant chi and opens all the body’s energetic pathways.

2. Increases your physical energy as a result of correcting your body’s posture.

3. Improves your focus, concentration, and effectiveness at whatever you do.

4. Rebalances your energy from your head to the center of your body.

Only after standing for a few years, you will experience the enormous benefits this practice has.

SO, find out for yourselves!

You are welcome to contact us for more guidance if you are considering taking this practice seriously.

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