The Freedom to Choose

Freedom is available to us all the time.

The freedom to choose what we want and to decide what is right for us.

We also have the freedom to choose what isn’t working for us.

We are the ones who choose to be afraid, to get stressed, to be angry, to resent, to blame.

It is all the fruit of our creation, our choice.

It’s hard to grasp.

When a person ‘wakes up’ he is in a tremendous reaction to himself, to his own mind; ”how could I have chosen this way for so many years?’

A path of guilt, blame, justification, defense, proof, competition, being the victim?

How did I do it to myself? Why? What do I get from it? What’s the use of it?”

And when a person awakens to it he begins to realize time and time again that he is not getting any benefit from it, he becomes aware of the mechanism- as it is, which will naturally generate change, because there is no more covering, everything is clear.

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