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What Are The Benefits Of Qi Gong?

You heard this name before.

But, what is it really?

Is there a philosophy behind it or is it just a physical practice?

Do we need some foundation before practicing it?

What are the benefits of it?

This is a short article about Chi gong to explain just that.

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Inspired by Awaken the Dragon: Qi Cultivation Techniques

The word Qigong [pronounced chi gong] is the combination of Qi and Gong: Qi is vitality, energy, life force. Gong is practice, cultivation, refine.

Qigong means to cultivate one's life force through practice and refine the skill of transformation to consciously create energy.

There are thousands of kinds of Qigong.

Qi means the essential functional energy of life, which also includes the breath. It is the Qi or life force that maintains the healthy and harmonious function of the human body's self-regulating systems.

Qigong is the practice of activating and circulating the human energetic field. Because the energetic field maintains and supports the function of the organs and tissues, Qigong can have a profound effect on health.

Qigong expands into a discipline of mental and spiritual development.

The qigong paths we pursue include the healthy individual maintaining health, those in need of healing and the individual who is seeking spiritual development.

The foundation of Qigong states that the main ingredient of practice is that intention (Yi) directs the movement of Qi, which in turn directs the flow of blood in the body.

Increased or decreased electrical activity in specific areas of the body determines blood flow and fluid balance, accumulation, and dispersal of substances.

For health maintenance, Qigong practitioners do not have to be experts. Anyone can learn to practice Qigong to maintain and improve his or her own health.

The objective of the exercises is to strengthen the Qi in the body and remove obstructions to Qi flow that may have developed due to injury, emotional states, diet, disease or other factors.

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the obstruction of Qi flow can produce disease.

The practice of Qigong is the act of bringing awareness and skill to direct the function and movement of Qi.

The correct movement of Qi is a force that engages the body’s natural tendency toward balance.

The continued practice provides reinforcement of the body’s inclination toward balance and toward optimal use of all its functions and potential.

Every morning at sunrise, we practice Chi gong (Qigong) at OmMaYaOm - Conscious Living

It is a simple practice, yet many people drop it...

Perhaps due to its simplicity.


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