Why Do We Seek Guidance?

Since we were born, society has programmed us to follow authority.

Self-inquiry at OmMaYaOm

As newborns, we didn’t know how to connect to life, IE: to the structure and rules of society, so we obeyed. We followed blindly, without awareness, not asking, what is the purpose of it?

Until this day, so many times we don’t stop and ask ourselves basic life questions- Why do I do what I do? What is the reason I live where I live, with whom I live? Am I happy? Do I have clarity right now for my next steps?

From there arises the urge to receive guidance, so that someone can point me in the right direction to investigate and see for myself.

From there I start to search for a leader - a person that is non-emotionally connected with my path; a person that is not affected by my decision, to follow or not to follow.

A guide can remind me and trigger within me things that I have forgotten, so I can find the knowledge within me. A guide has the ability to take me beyond my mental limitations.

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