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Breaking the Chains: Unraveling the Need for True Guidance in Life

From the moment we entered this world, society has been our guide. We were taught that following authority ensures order, clarity, and peace of mind. But why, then, do we often find ourselves grappling with doubt, fear, and confusion? Let's peel back the layers of societal conditioning to uncover the essence of our quest for true life guidance.

self inquiry
Awakening session: Om Maya Om Retreat Centre in Portugal

The Unconscious Obedience of Newborns

In our earliest days, as newborns entering a complex world, we lacked the understanding of how to connect with life. Society's structure and rules were unfamiliar, and so, we obeyed. We followed blindly, unconsciously, never pausing to question the fundamental purpose of it all.

The Unasked Questions of Life

Have we ever taken a pause to ponder the fundamental questions of our existence? Why do we live where we live? What drives our actions? Are we genuinely content, and do we have clarity about our next steps? As we journey through life, how often do we stop to ask ourselves the most basic yet profound questions? Why do I engage in the activities I do? What is the significance of the place I call home and the people who surround me? Am I truly happy? Why does chaos seem to follow me, and why does peace elude me?

Life mentor
Chi - Life mentor at Om Maya Om Retreat Centre

The Urge for True Guidance

Amidst the chaos of societal norms, arises the profound need for genuine guidance. Not the dictation of what's right or wrong, but a mentor who empowers us to ask the crucial questions and uncover our unique path. A guiding presence that triggers us to ask the questions until our answers surface.

The concept of a real mentor—a neutral guide who lives by their own truth and encourages us to follow ours.

The Role of a Guide

A guide, unlike an authority figure, remains non-emotionally connected to our journey. Devoid of personal biases, a true guide is neutral yet clear and decisive in their own life. The transformative power of having a guide, someone capable of triggering insights that lie dormant within us. Their mission is not to lead but to support us in navigating our own truth.

Beyond Mental Limitations

A guide possesses the remarkable ability to transcend our mental limitations, and awaken dormant knowledge within us, triggering realisations that we might struggle to access on our own. They take us beyond the limitations of our minds, offering a perspective that stretches our understanding.

In the quest for guidance, it's not about someone telling us what to do; it's about finding a guide who can guide us back to ourselves. A guide who, through their neutrality and wisdom, can illuminate the path until we discover the answers within. It's time to break free from the chains of societal programming and embark on a journey guided by our own truth.


Embracing Guidance for Self-Discovery

In conclusion, this self-discovery journey unveils the significance of seeking genuine guidance for self-discovery. Breaking free from societal programming requires aligning ourselves with mentors who encourage us to follow our truths. In the pursuit of clarity and purpose, a guide becomes the compass that leads us to the unexplored territories of our own path.

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