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We invite you to a journey of self-exploration, to investigate your thoughts and discover what limits you from living your life to the fullest. Let's find out how to create radical change in life, in which your state of mind will support you rather than go against you.

By inquiring into situations from your daily life, such as relationships, money, body, etc, you will start to look at things. When you go through the process, you will be able to experience how easy and simple it is to overcome and face the challenges life presents you, by investigating your mind works.


Here you will develop the ability to find solutions to your life's challenges. You will have more CLARITY in life. You will start to envision the life that you were destined to live and execute it step by step.

We will guide you through 3 basic steps to transform your life.

Stop and Question 

We stop and question the ideas we have the limit us from living the life we want.

Questions like, Is what I am thinking happening right now? Is what I imagine, real?

We will investigate if thought is meeting reality.

When we start to question, we will have more energy and openness to observe our mind.



Observing the change as it is - the thoughts as they are.

That will lead you to see that you are not the change; you are aware of the change.

When we experience struggle in life, it is because we argue with what is.

When we experience reality as it is and be grateful for it, we can examine what we can do with it right now.


Take action 

Taking action according to what is, not according to your limiting beliefs.

According to what is right for you at this moment.


Limiting beliefs such as...

"I'm not good enough" 

"It isn't going to work"

"I should be different / I should do it differently"

"I can't do it"

"I don't have a choice"

We will look into these and other beliefs, that relate to and affect your daily life. 


The retreat format is dynamic and tailored to your needs and includes one-on-one sessions, group practices, and sharing. 


We will provide you with all the essential practical tools designed to support the day-to-day challenges, and prepare a ground for a calm, centered and satisfied life.

OmMaYaOm is like a light to remind us of what we forgot


We forgot to ask the questions and find the answers within.

We forgot to be here.

We forgot that we are the creators of our reality.

Self-Discovery, Meditation, Yoga, Inquiry, Mindset and Conscious Living

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