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The purpose of Om Maya Om Centre is for you to realize your true potential.

This space will make you stronger and more resilient to overcome your life obstacles.

The programs we offer will awaken you to the infinite possibilities that you have within yourself.

You will be able to face the challenges in your life, by coming back to this moment and investigating your mind.

This space will remind you to connect to yourself, question your belief system and develop the strength to cope with life.


You will discover a different way of thinking and experience how it affects your emotions, behavior, and simple actions.

Our programs are dedicated to a radical conscious life change, through meditation, conscious movement, self-inquiry, and other essential life practices to reach your highest potential.

Our programs offer you simple, practical, and effective tools to apply in your day to day life and in order to start implementing them right away.

Step by step you will develop an approach that will nourish your entire well being. 


Awaken the ability to live in the moment, not as a concept but as a concrete experience. Become aware of how you approach certain situations in life and how you can choose to approach them differently.

Come and learn about yourself by experience, and discover how to live a simple, content and awakened life. After you go through this transformative process, you will be able to meet and overcome the challenges life presents you, by investigating your mind. You will explore your ways of thinking and notice how they affect your feelings, behaviour, and actions. It will support you to question and realize what you want, develop the tools for change, and take the first steps. 

Each day you will go deeper into understanding the relationship between your body and mind. 

You will practice a variety of different techniques including conscious breathing and movement, yoga, practical inquiry, thought-provoking questions, stimulating discussions, meditation, qigong, and more.

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