Fog and Nature

Sen Monorom is the capital of Mondulkiri, Cambodia’s largest province — here you find a real chance to be on with nature. You can enjoy a relaxed, gentler pace of life than elsewhere, amid a genuinely friendly population.

Sen Monorom is one of the least visited areas in Cambodia and many of the ethnic groups still live much as they always have. Sen Monorom is a small town, easily accessible on foot for you to explore why you are here. Visitors come for adventure activities outside of town.


Of great appeal is the weather, which gets downright chilly at night in the colder months of the dry season, and offers a refreshing change from the heat and humidity of Cambodia’s flat lowlands. 

From December to February, a warm jumper is essential here for the evenings.

Sen Monorom is well known for its very pleasant climate all year round. This city has a tropical climate; It rains in summer (June-October) and is sunny and dry in winter (November-May).


- How to Get Here -

You can get here by Minivan from Phnom Penh and Siem reap. Both cities have international airports.

Phnom Penh - 6 hours drive, 10 dollars for a single ticket.

Siem Reap - 9 hours drive, 18 dollars for a single ticket.


If you want us to arrange this transportation for you, we will be happy to assist.