Easy route solutions, such as drugs or frameworks ignored our need to deal with reality as it is. Yigal always knew within him that there was a way to be satisfied with nothing, and to love the world unconditionally.

After his discharge from the army, Yigal embarked on a journey to the East, not knowing where he was going, armed only with a strong sense that eternal life of happiness is an absolute possibility and our birthright.

On his journey, Yigal met people, teachers, and animals, who outlined the way to true success and a life of practical satisfaction free of fear or frustration. After several years, during which Yigal lived in a number of countries, he began to apply all that he learned through daily practice to be present and connected to himself by observing his feelings and thoughts as they are.

Waking Up

Yigal woke up to the fact that what he had always been looking for was always inside him. Yet, how to apply in a simple and practical way in life? For ten years, Yigal chose to spend most of his days by himself and learn for himself what life is and who “am I”.

For days and nights, Yigal deepened into the book of life found within each of us. Only with the inner eye can we experience and apply the law of life naturally, to see that there is no separation between the thought "I" and the direct experience of I.

Over the years Yigal inspired many people to experience what happens when a person investigates his or her beliefs, and what happens when a person meets himself or herself without thought. Yigal knew that we are completely capable to find who and what we are. As soon as we stop looking for what we want, we begin to live our lives without separation between thought and experience.

After a while Yigal began to connect body and thought, integrate feeling and desire. Today, Yigal conducts ten-day retreats, conveying a simple message on how to inquire and act in order to live reality and not to chase imagination.


Working with Yigal

Working with Yigal makes one see and experience that everything begins and ends with oneself. Only we are responsible for our actions, and only we stop or limit our ways. Yigal has the ability to adapt himself to anyone who comes to receive guidance, adapt to what the person is interested in and has a passion to delve deeper into. Working alongside him is a dynamic, changing, refreshing, unexpected, and challenging experience.

Yigal has the ability to listen to the essence of what a person shares with him, to focus on it, to explore and delve deeper into it.

For years he challenged himself physically and mentally in all kinds of fields. Today, he has the tools to challenge the people around him, to persevere in it, and thus, support them to make a change in their lives, to leave their comfort zone, to ask questions and to live a simple life in reality, with satisfaction. Yigal does not guide from an emotional place, but rather from a clear, centered, peaceful and present place. Yigal lives what he shares, which builds confidence, trust and inner motivation to live this way, free of ideas, without doubt.

A simple and humble man, the expression that passes through Yigal comes from a universal place and not from a personal place. He is a very practical, realistic, sharp, precise and direct person.  At times, a person can very well relate to the expression that passes through Yigal or be at odds with it. It depends on whether the person is looking for a clear and sincere reflection, without the kinship, and if he has a strong desire to know himself, even in the face of challenge.

Today Yigal lives in Cambodia with a group of serious people who want to support and be supported to live a simple and practical life. The community runs retreats every month in a continuously developing self-awareness center, where everyone depends on themselves in presence of group support to keep our habits of falling asleep and becoming lazy from taking charge of our life.

Yigal is a person who dedicates his entire life to being here, thus supporting everyone through his simple, practical and peaceful life we all can and are able to live.

"You cannot free yourself.. As you are already free" - Yigal