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Therapy and Massage

Gilly massage


Homeopath, Therapist and Reflexologist 

I am Gilly, originally from the UK but now living my dream in Central Portugal and being what I was guided to be: a healer.  This is not what I expected when I was younger but I have found myself on this path; sometimes this was shown to me in subtle ways and, at times, if I didn’t listen I was shoved!

So I have explored and experienced many things over the years, and have qualifications in a few.  My present means of helping people (and animals) is as a classical homeopath, trained in the UK and qualified in 2009.  For the past 25 years I have also worked as a massage therapist and reflexologist.  I incorporate different massage techniques, including Indian head massage, aromatherapy and some sport massage.  I have been a spiritual healer for almost 3 decades and this can be part of the massage at times.

I can individualise the massage to what is needed by you at the time and leave you in a deeply relaxed state of being, removing stress and tension held in your body.

60 Minutes Massage: €27

90 Minutes Massage: €37


Body-Heart-Mind Therapist, Energetic Healer and Masseuse

What drives me in life is my call for curing myself and others. Healing wounds, unifying, empowering us through touch, unconditional Love and therapeutical tools.

As far as I can remember I've been appealed to the questions of boundaries, heritages and limiting patterns. I am passionate by the complexity of human bodies, hearts and spirits, and by the challenge of harmonious loving respectful and uplifting relationships.

I offer EMTE Therapy and EMTE Massage, both rooted in unconditional love and true presence. EMTE Therapy combines breathing exercises, massage, movement, and emotional release to help individuals connect with their inner resources and heal past wounds, promoting self-love and empowerment. 


EMTE Massage, is a slow, deep massage that enhances body consciousness, relaxes tensions, and calms the mind, incorporating various massage techniques and, if needed, meditation and hypnosis.

Leonor massage
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