OmMaYaOm is a conscious path

of morality, totality, and simplicity,

where one feels nourished and supported to be oneself.

A path for conscious people

that enriches and reminds us to

Live fully, here and now,

Stop and ask questions,

 Observe things as they are,

Be grateful for what is,

Adapt to the change, 

Act from a clear and centered mind,

and share it with all beings.



OmMaYaOm was established in 2018. 

It is a retreat and a community center for people seeking support and guidance to live a simple, natural, conscious, profound and content life.

People are invited to stay here to deepen their roots in the present moment and to cultivate and develop the tools to be more conscious and practical in life. 

This center invites anyone open and ready to be challenged, explore one's mind, be sincere and make a change in one's life.

Community life here is expressed in supporting each other to maintain the center, while keep practicing ''Conscious Living''.


The schedule of the community center is the same as it is during retreats.

There is no separation between retreat and daily life.

Living at the center is enlightening, challenging and simple.