Retreat Schedule

8AM Conscious movement

(yoga, chi gong, tai chi, pranayama)

10:00AM Mix-fruit Breakfast

10:30AM Self-healing

11:30AM Meditation & Awakening talk

12:30PM Detox juice

1:00PM Self-healing & holistic mentoring sessions

3:00PM Veggie Salad

4:00PM Meditation & Awakening talk

5:30PM Sunset activity

(nature hikes, sun-gazing, walking in presence)

7:00PM Detox juice

8:00PM Evening activity (yoga Nidra)

Closing the day.


Private single room / Private luxury room

4 Day Retreat: €450

7 Day Retreat: €700

10 Day Retreat: €950

21 Day Retreat: €1800

We request that the payment for the retreat will be directly on-site, in cash only (EUR).

Once you decide to attend the retreat, please contact us and secure your spot!


We can accommodate up to 4 participants at the same time.

Retreat Dates