Retreat Schedule

06:00  Waking up

06:15  Meditation practice

06:45  Conscious movement

08:30  Breakfast + Personal time

10:30  Meditation

11:00  Gathering

13:00  Lunch + Personal time

16:00  Meditation

16:30  Gathering

18:00  Yoga

19:30  Light Dinner (Soup) *optional

20:00  Gathering

21:00  Personal time


11 Days Retreat

Shared room/Private room

450USD / 800USD

21 Days Retreat

Private room


3 Months Retreat

Private room


*Shared room = 2 people.

We request that the payment for the retreat will be directly on-site, in cash only (USD).

Once you decide to attend the retreat, please contact us and we will secure your spot!


We can accommodate up to 5 participants at the same time to keep this center intimate and efficient. 

Please join us only if you can commit to staying through all the days of the retreat.

Retreat Dates

Please contact us by email to agree on dates and check for availability.

Participants who have completed the 11 - Days "Conscious living" Retreat and wish to delve deeper in the practice, are welcome to proceed to our 21-days retreat (10 more days), or our 3-month conscious living retreat. 

For this reason, we suggest not to make any plans after the retreat.


OmMaYaOm center will be closed from April until October 2020.

Check out our new retreat dates below ☟☟


3/10 - free spots!

3/11  - free spots!

3/12  - free spots!

3/01  - free spots!

3/02  - free spots!

3/03  - free spots!

3/04  - free spots!


Self-Discovery, Meditation, Yoga, Inquiry, Mindset and Conscious Living

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Sen Monorom Town, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia - "Monnyvan Motel" 11254

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