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Guest Rooms

At Om Maya Om, every room has its own unique vibe.

They are welcoming sanctuaries that invite you to go in and connect to this moment.

**All rooms are included in the retreat cost**

Shared "Reflection" Room

Welcome to our shared double room, a serene haven designed to accommodate friends, couples, or two separate people (mixed-gender accommodation).

With two comfortable single beds, this cozy retreat offers a perfect oasis for your stay.

Relax and unwind as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of this charming accommodation.

Enjoy the soothing ambiance created by the soft natural light streaming through the window. Embrace the silence and sense of community in our shared bathroom facilities.

Retreat cost in this room: €1200

shared room accommodation
cave room.JPG
cave room

Shared "Cave" Room

Discover a serene escape in a shared cave-shaped room, free of windows but featuring a door and a gentle curtain to let the air flow freely.

Unveil the mystery of cave living with this extraordinary, meditative experience.

Retreat into this timeless sanctuary—a cave-shaped haven that nurtures contemplation, reflection, and peaceful exploration.  

A rare opportunity for those curious about the ancient dwellings of our ancestors.

Retreat cost in this room: €1200

Private "Illusion" Room

Discover tranquility in our private room with shared bathroom facilities.

The room welcomes you with a comfortable double-size bed and a cozy sitting area for contemplation and relaxation.

Unwind in a peaceful ambiance with cozy amenities, and breathtaking forest views.

Your perfect retreat awaits.

Retreat cost in this room: €1600

private illusion room
private awaken room.JPG
private awaken room

Private "Awaken" Room

Indulge in serenity within your own private sanctuary, with shared Bathroom.

The room welcomes you with a comfortable queen size bed, and a cozy sitting area for contemplation and relaxation.

What sets this haven apart is a picturesque window that frames a breathtaking view of the lush forest outside, inviting you to connect with nature's beauty and find inner tranquility.

Retreat cost in this room: €1600

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