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Online Life Transformation Program

Be Yourself: 3-Month Online Life Transformation Program


Are you ready to take full ownership of your life and make meaningful changes?

Our 3-month online program is designed just for you.

With 12 weekly one-hour sessions, you’ll receive personalized mentoring to guide you toward transformative shifts in your life.


Program Highlights

Together, we will focus on:


- Identifying Limiting Beliefs: Explore and question the beliefs that hold you back.

- Creative Problem-Solving: Discover innovative ways to handle life's challenges.

- Habit Transformation: Change habits related to food, relationships, money, lifestyle, body, and addictions.

- Vision and Goals: Establish a clear vision for your life, along with a mission and achievable goals.

- Emotional Mastery: Learn how to effectively deal with emotions like fear, guilt, doubt, anger, jealousy, and attachment.

- Mindfulness: Start connecting to the present moment without limitations.


Personalized Mentoring


- Overcome Obstacles: I will challenge you to surpass your barriers.

- Clear Reflections: Gain insights and awaken your intellect to investigate your mind and life.

- Raise Awareness: Address unresolved issues and elevate your awareness.

- Daily Rituals: Together, we’ll create daily practices to cultivate vitality, appreciation, resilience, joy, and peace.


Achieve Emotional, Mental, and Physical Resilience


The Be Yourself online program will help you develop the resilience needed to overcome life’s challenges and provide the clarity you need to live a happy, fulfilling life.


Tailored to Your Needs


We’ll create a program that is uniquely yours by:


- Discovering Your Starting Point: Assessing where you are now.

- Setting Your Destination: Determining where you want to be.

- Mapping Your Journey: Establishing the steps to get there.


With our support, you will start to change your life today.




For a total cost of €2500, you will receive:


- 12 Weekly Online Sessions: One-hour personalized mentoring sessions each week over the course of three months.

- Supporting Materials: Access reading and practice materials to complement your sessions.

- Daily Support: Ongoing support via WhatsApp to help you stay on track and motivated.

- Comprehensive guidance and support to transform your life.

- Bonus Inclusion: Join our "Be Yourself" WhatsApp group for 3 months for free and receive invaluable support from like-minded individuals. Benefit from weekly challenges, meditations, and other forms of support to enhance your journey of self-discovery and growth.


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? 

Join the Be Yourself program today and take the first step toward a happier, more fulfilled life.



"The program has helped me a lot to realize what I have to do to reduce the stress and anxiety in my life but I still spend most of my time on autopilot. On the other hand, I have more moments of clarity where I am wondering what I am actually doing. So that’s a start. 

What really stands out to me in the program is the simplicity and clarity of the conveyed messages and the focus on causes, not effects. I had some insights that I didn’t seem to get from other sources. During the 3 months, I started to notice that every thought, emotion, my entire identity is a story, so my behaviours are built on ideas and I am not really aware of what is real, which is an interesting realization I would say. That’s because there is no rigid program you have to follow so there is the space for the realizations to come when they come and nothing is forced. That’s what I liked about the program. What actually stood out to me was the idea of "being ok with not being ok". I don’t suffer because I feel anxious but because I am not ok with feeling anxious. What I noticed during the program and now as well is, while I know my goals, I don’t think I have fully committed to them because there are still so many conflicting drives within me such as laziness, comfort, fear of success, congruence with my past and thus the continuously reappearing doubt why I should go through all the pain, even though I realized that all I have to do is commit to what is and act in accordance with reality as it is in the moment. After having some key insights it is now all about continuously reminding myself of that. Thank you so much for the support and the reminders."

~ Vincent, Germany

"The 3 month program, which is still ongoing, has been gold. Each session we work on beliefs and connection. Working on beliefs through the questions from “Loving what is”. 

Chi guides me back to connection. All of this is fresh, it is so easy to loose connection and not know how to escape the old ways of being, believing thoughts to be true and loosing the way in general.

Each time when checking in with Chi during the week there is the space, afforded by this process, to share from exactly where I am with no filter. Chi reflects back from his experience and I can see through to the stuff hidden from me. Connect again. The process is, begin again, begin again. 

This support has been so valuable, as so often my experience has been that I have lost the way and the practice and not been able to find the way back. 

With Chi I have found a practice I can use in my daily life. My practice has in no way been perfect through this, with Chi’s guidance and through our shared experience I have found my way to a practice that works for me and continues to transform as I do. 

Currently we are not meeting every week, only when I need it. This allows me to explore supporting myself in the process." 

~ Natasha, Australia

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