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Sen Monorom Town, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia - "Monnyvan Motel" 11254

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Om.Ma.Ya.Om - Testimonial
Om.Ma.Ya.Om - Testimonial
Om.Ma.Ya.Om - Testimonial

Adi Livne

" Who am I really? What do I want? From myself, from life? How do I know if I'm making the right decision? How do I know what's right for me? "


These are questions that kept popping into my head after a drastic change I made in my life and I hoped to find the answers to these questions by solo traveling SE Asia. 

After about a month of traveling, I realized I wasn't getting any closer to finding these answers. I felt like I was just on a really long vacation. Self-discovery? Facing fears? Pff! I was constantly surrounded by amazing people, traveling from one destination to another, unconsciously making sure I never have enough alone time to truly be with myself. I knew there was something more I needed to do, just didn't know what.

Then, I came across the 10-day self-discovery retreat in Sen Monorom, Cambodia that drew my interest. From what I read, it seemed like exactly what I was looking for but really, there was only one way to find out. So I booked a bus from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri and in about 6 hours, I arrived at the place that would, later on, change my life.

I arrived at OmMaYaOm Center. Lead by the most amazing and supporting couple Yigal and Ofir who tailor the retreat to every participant's personal needs. The center is located in the midst of nature while still offering high-quality accommodation (hot showers, comfortable beds, and amazing fresh vegan meals). Yigal and Ofir will take you on a journey of self-discovery by challenging you both physically and mentally and offering priceless guidance that will be there for life.

This retreat is for those who want to get to know themselves better, live a healthier lifestyle, to learn to be present and not be hung up on the past or the future. It's for those who are not afraid to challenge themselves and are eagerly looking for a change. 

I strongly recommend this retreat if you're looking for the above-mentioned. I have learned useful tools that will not only help me in life but will definitely enhance my trip's experience.

Aviv Atias

I attended the 10-days Self Awareness Retreat, in which I was brought to the most conscious state I ever was.


In the retreat you meet yourself fully. During the retreat I was given the chance to ask myself essential life questions, and started looking for the answers within, with the support of Yigal and Ofir.

I connected to my body and mind, and understood the mechanisms by which our brain and body work.I connected to real tranquility, and for a moment got out of the "pursuit" of happiness and realized that it was already in me.  

No, not all of my problems have been resolved in life, but now I know how to recognise them and how to approach them, reconcile with them, meet them without rejection nor denial, with understanding, and inquire into them.


I experienced what it means to live in the present moment, without projecting from the past to the future. I choose moment by moment to connect to peace, to free myself of fear through inquiry, and enjoy every split second of life, whether it is a pleasant or an unpleasant moment.


Thank you so much for this profound experience that will support me for the rest of my life.

Ido Shalom

I finished 10 days of self-awareness retreat. The conductor of the retreat is Yigal and the organizer of the retreat is Ofir. The retreat takes place in Sen monorom, Cambodia, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Generally speaking, being in the retreat means no phone, waking up at 5 Am, meditating, doing physical exercise, and eating vegan food.

The really challenging part for me was the conversations. For hours we talked, inquired into the mechanism of the mind. We examined all the beliefs, conditioning and mindset that bring about anger, sorrow, doubts, jealousy, frustration and confusion in me.


My life perception has changed, and nothing is taken for granted anymore. I always thought that I was aware of myself, connected to my body, knowing what was right and what I needed in order to be happy. yet coming here, I discovered that my work has just begun.


In the retreat, an understanding of reality as it is begins. The way to happiness is revealed, and life starts to connect in a different way. A way of taking responsibility.


In the retreat, we purified a lot of toxins, physical and mental. We learned to use the most important tool, the breath. We turned the body and mind to be vital again.


Unfortunately, 10 days of retreat can't change at once my life perspective. That is why I have decided to stay here longer. Learn how to live in this moment is a purpose that is worth living for.

Arbel Avidor

The retreat doesn't renew anything you didn’t know about yourself, but rather "wakes" you up, giving you tools to be more self-conscious using inquiry and observation. In the retreat you get tools to cope with mental pain through physical-emotional pain. You learn how to contain intense mental pain without breaking apart. You allow and feel the emotion instead of suppressing it.


When the emotion changes, the process of investigation begins when the mind is clear and calm.
In the retreat, you learn that negative emotions are not a bad thing and that you do not have to run away from them.

In the retreat, I started to put things in proportion, understanding and accepting reality as it is and thus not fighting and arguing with it.

Among the key phrases I took with me:
“I can not change fate (Reality),
I can change the way I perceive it and react to it.”


If you feel incomplete, experience any difficulties/depressions, not satisfied with your current life situation - I strongly recommend you to go and try for yourself. Ofir and Yigal are amazing. Very supportive and listening.

It is important to arrive with an open mind.

Saul Zarrate

This retreat is a rare opportunity to re-connect with the inner-self, question basic life principles and find clarity on key life aspects. The retreat is fulfilling. It's set up with an amazing supporting network that facilitates the experience and with a truly awesome and contagious energy that aided me to focus on obtaining a mindset to deal with my thoughts and challenges.


I'd suggest anyone interested, to consider the challenges set out by this retreat - this involves vegetarian food, waking up, healthy habits, lots of walking, breathing and meditation, no internet, questioning of preconceived life beliefs and full disconnection of the "external world" and its stimulation.


The supporting networking put in place for this retreat with Yigal's leadership made it a tremendous experience for me to experience awakening, to be at peace, be present and be content. The conditions of this retreat are superb.

Located in "the middle of the Cambodian jungle" where life is minimalistic was perfect to reconnect. Yigal brings light and shares wisdom in a dynamic way and enabled me to deal with the "demons I have created myself". His experience and approach are invaluable. Ofir assists the retreat, complementing the work led by Yigal; in general the participants become a family for the individual and friends for life The nature is spectacular and the food delicious! I'd suggest anyone who is ready for such a challenge to do this retreat to increase mindfulness and realize awakening

Reut Altman

A receptive, open and supportive place, which allowed me some time off my day-to-day pursuit.

A challenging place that enriches and motivates us to explore and ask the questions that arise within us every day and we have no answer to.

A place that provides tools for dealing with life, with fear, with frustration and difficulties.

A place that is suitable for everyone at every stage of his life.

Quiet, intimate, modest and beautiful place. The process is individual and everyone receives a personal and full attention.


Highly recommend!!!

Melanie Pilawa

" Great experience! Amazing place! Lovely people! "

My time at OmMaYa was great! First, I participated in the 10-days retreat, and then I renewed for the 21-days retreat. All my expectations were exceeded! No day was like the other. The combination of movement, pranayama, meditation, time for me, sharing and exercises in the group was great! Life in the here and now is the focus.


At OmMaYaOm I had the opportunity to experience and live just that! I have always been lovingly reminded to be mindful and present. Through questions, challenges, self-reflection and last but not least by the other participants I was able to learn a lot about myself, learn and recognize. In retrospect, I can say that I am clearly more focused, mobile, energetic, courageous and generally more relaxed than before. I was able to deepen my meditation practice and feel more connected again with my body and my inner voice. I am grateful for every single experience and insight and have learned many new tools that I can implement in everyday life. I liked the simple and conscious life.


Everything is reduced and focused on the essentials. No distractions from the outside, no-frills, no phone. Everything was taken care of. The vegan food is super delicious, healthy, varied and fresh and prepared with love. The whole location, the rooms, the energy, the environment, nature - wonderful! Thank you for everything!!!