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retreat mentor


Founder & Retreat Conductor


Chi is a life-transformation mentor and retreat conductor with 10+ years of awakening individuals to recognise their cause of suffering in life and discover reality as it is. With the transformative power of self-awareness, Chi guides people to uncover their true selves and live purposeful lives. His retreats support people to connect to the present moment, break free from limiting beliefs, and unleash their full potential. Chi is passionately inspiring others to live life with authenticity, fulfilment, and continuous growth.

Chi's words:

I am a humble explorer of truth, dedicated to supporting individuals live simply and authentically. Through my transformative journey and wisdom gained from teachers and personal experiences, I've learned that true happiness and love for the world reside within us. By observing my thoughts and feelings, I've discovered the power of presence and connection to oneself. Guiding retreats, I assist others in their self-inquiry and action towards a reality-based life. Each interaction is a dynamic, mutual growth experience where I adapt to individual interests.

Moreover, I am passionate about helping individuals unleash their full potential by fearlessly confronting their pain, fears, and limiting beliefs. By creating a safe and supportive space, I encourage individuals to explore the depths of their being and confront the inner obstacles that hold them back. Through this process of facing and embracing their challenges, they can transform and transcend their limitations, allowing their true potential to shine.

Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation, where individuals are empowered to step into their authentic selves, free from the constraints of their past. Join me on this transformative path as we navigate the depths of our inner world and unlock the limitless possibilities that await us. Together, we can unleash the full potential that lies within, leading a life of purpose, fulfilment, and profound self-awareness.

retreat chef


Retreat Manager & Facilitator

Conscious Movement Instructor 

Chia started her self-discovery journey +10 years ago, after going through a challenging year.

Feeling frustrated and lost in life, she went traveling across South East Asia and became curious about yoga, meditation, healing, and the Buddhist philosophy. This curiosity led her to a 3-year journey around the world, in which she practiced and studied the different scriptures, met spiritual teachers and lived in a Buddhist monastery.


After 3 years, she felt discouraged and more lost than ever before. She couldn't find the right path for her.


Looking for support and guidance, she invited a mentor to bring clarity and light into her life. At that turning point, she met Chi.

They developed a special connection that later on led to an intimate relationship.


After spending a year together, they moved to Cambodia in 2017 and founded Om Maya Om Centre for Awakening and Transformation. 


Chia has acquired life skills and self knowledge throughout the years with Chi by her side every step of the way. Today she shares her insights and reflections after working alongside Chi for over 7 years, as part of her own growth as a conscious being.

Chia is the Detox chef at Om Maya Om centre.

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