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Retreat Conductor


After 20 years on a self-discovery journey around the world, Yigal attained practical experience and worldly wisdom in self-awareness.

After countless paths, philosophies, practices, and teachers he met along the way, he found his unique, simple and practical way to deepen into himself, to find peace, to make a difference in his life and share it with the rest of the world.

For over 10 years Chi has been guiding people one-on-one and in groups to know themselves, find their purpose in life and follow their heart's desire.



Retreat Manager

Conscious Movement Instructor 

Chia started her self-discovery journey 10 years ago, after going through a challenging year.

Feeling frustrated and lost in life, she went traveling across South East Asia and became curious about yoga, meditation, healing, and the Buddhist philosophy. This curiosity led her to a 3-year journey around the world, in which she practiced and studied the different scriptures, met spiritual teachers and lived 6 months in a Buddhist monastery.


After 3 years, she felt discouraged and more lost than ever before. She couldn't find the right path for her.


Looking for support and guidance, she invited a mentor to bring clarity and light into her life.

At that turning point, she met Chi.

They developed a special connection that later on led to an intimate relationship.


After spending a year together, they moved to Cambodia in 2017 and founded OmMaYaOm Centre for Awakening and Transformation. 


Chia has acquired life skills and self knowledge throughout the years with Chi by her side every step of the way. Today she shares her insights and reflections after working alongside Chi for over 6 years, as part of her own growth as a conscious being.

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