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Healing Therapy

Meet Your SELF
A 10 Day Self-Awareness Journey

Are you burned out? Do you feel anxious, stressed or angry with life?
If you find yourself complaining about life, then this is a sign that you are not meeting your pain. 

If life doesn't deliver for you anymore, if you are at a crossroad, or if you have lost focus, motivation and energy to keep going, then this is the right retreat for you.

Are you ready to meet your challenge in life and transform your fear of physical, emotional and mental pain?

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner, this retreat will support you to make a life change and meet you where you are on the path.

You will learn to overcome your life obstacles by changing your approach to life. Overcome what limits you from living your life to the fullest.

This awakening to life retreat will allow you to slow down, connect to your body, detoxify yourself, and go through a unique and challenging process that will awaken you to the many aspects of your life you left unattended and unresolved.

This retreat is focused on bringing more awareness to your body and mind, through conscious movement, detox, cold water exposure, meditation, breath work, sound healing, self-inquiry, holistic life mentoring, and awakening talks.

All change starts with awareness. You will be able to change your approach to life by practicing a more conscious and healthy way of life.

Awaken your body to life, and move with more energy, vitality, and aliveness.

Discover what it means to live in passion, by maximising your hidden potential and breaking down your limiting beliefs.


This retreat is different from many.

It is focused on the essence. It is about finding the knowledge from within, rather than from outside.

Now is your time to make a conscious stop, start to reflect on your life, and gain the much-needed clarity and focus to make a change in your life.

Discover a simple, natural, and conscious way to live life.

During these 10 days together you will learn to take care of your body and mind.

This program is designed for people who are ready to make a change in their lives, are done procrastinating, and are ready to face the challenge of leaving their comfort zone.

This intensive program will take you on an inner journey to truly face your self.

This program will guide you step by step on how to overcome the challenges in your life, by getting you through challenges in the program.

You will be challenged by the raw detox as well as the digital detox, the physical activities, the stillness meditation, and the awakening talks and self-inquiry we will have here.

The practices you will have at the retreat will allow you to know yourself on a different level.

The way to get through the challenge is by developing the ability to acknowledge, feel, and appreciate the challenge, and learning how to observe the discomfort by breathing into it and letting it pass on its own.

Now is your opportunity to nourish your body and challenge your mind, discover inner peace by connecting to the present moment, and face reality as it is.

You will be guided by a mentor who has the experience, knowledge, and sensitivity to accompany you in this awakening journey.

The retreat will be held in silence in between the sessions. It is a self-reflective retreat with you as your only focus. During our sessions together you are welcome to share and express yourself and be vulnerable.

After your retreat, you will leave feeling nourished, lighter and clearer, inspired and motivated to keep going. 

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