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"Awakening to life" Program
detox, wellness & Conscious Living

Join OmMaYaOm for a 10 day journey of awakening, detox and conscious living in Pelma, Central Portugal.


The purpose of this retreat is to support you to make a life change.

Take the opportunity to nourish your body and challenge your mind, with the support of nature.

Discover inner peace and deepen the connection between your body, mind and spirit.

You will be able to change your lifestyle by practicing a more conscious and healthy way of life.

Now is your time to make a conscious stop, start to reflect on your life, and gain the much-needed clarity and focus to make a change in your life.

Discover a simple, natural, and conscious way to live life. During these 10 days together you will learn how to take care of your body with meditation, conscious movement and a healthy and nourishing diet. You will enjoy nutritional raw salads and juices, unprocessed and unrefined, without salt, sugar or oil.


Nourish your mind and body by practicing a variety of different techniques such as conscious movement, pranayama, yoga, self-inquiry, meditation, qigong, tai chi, and more.

After your retreat you will leave feeling nourished, lighter and clearer.

The intention of the retreat is to fill your day with presence, connection and mind-body awareness.

This program was designed for people who are ready to make a change in their lives, are done procrastinating and are ready to face the challenge of leaving their comfort zone.


This intensive program will take you on an inner journey, where you will face your weaknesses, your inner shadow and those parts in you that you left unresolved.


This program will guide you step by step on how to overcome the challenges in your life, by getting you through challenges in the program.


You will be challenged by the detox, the physical activities, the stillness meditation and the awakening talks we will have here.


The way to get through the challenge is by developing the ability to acknowledge, feel and appreciate it, and learn how to observe the discomfort by breathing into it and letting it pass on its own.


The purpose of this retreat is to support you to make a life change. This retreat will guide you to raise your awareness of your body and mind, through conscious movement practices, detox, meditation, pranayama, cold water exposure and awakening talks.


Now is your opportunity to nourish your body and challenge your mind. Discover inner peace by connecting to the present moment, and face reality as it is.

Daily Schedule

  • 08:00 Stillness Meditation

  • 09:00 Conscious movement

  • 10:00 Mix-fruit Breakfast

  • 10:30 Free time for personal healing in nature

  • 11:30 Meditation & Awakening talk

  • 12:30 Detox Juice

  • 13:00 Time with yourself and 1:1 sessions

  • 15:00 Raw veggie salad

  • 16:00 Meditation & Awakening talk

  • 17:00 Sunset activity 

  • 18:00 Detox Juice

  • 20:00 Evening activity 

Please note that this retreat will be tailored to the dynamic of the group or person participating.


You will be served Mix-fruit salad in the mornings and fresh veggie salad in the afternoons, made with love, attention and care. Detox juices, shakes and herbal tea will be served throughout the day.

We will focus on a detox diet consisting of fresh veggies ,fruits, seeds and nuts. If you have special dietary requirements, please communicate it when making a reservation. Herbal tea, drinking water, and fruits are available 24/7. We invite you to bring what you think you will need to supplement your diet.



OmMaYaOm Detox & Awakening Retreat

Central Portugal

(Arrival instructions will be given after making the reservation).

How to get here

Arrival by airplane

You can book your flight to arrive at either Lisbon Airport (LIS) or Porto Airport (OPO).


Arrival by train

  • It will take 1 hour and 10 minutes from Lisbon by train, and 2 hours from Porto by train to Caxarias train station.

  • OmMaYaOm will arrange for a taxi to get you from the train station to their retreat centre.




(Which includes accommodation, meals and guidance)

-Private rooms only-

From €1200

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" This was such an amazing experience and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. It came at exactly the right time for me in my life and I am honestly viewing my world through new (and improved) eyes. Everything was set up perfectly. Lots of work of really looking into yourself and discussing key issues in groups, to yourself and in 121 sessions. The whole week was full of different wonders and revelations. I actually got a bit emotional when I left - I cannot recommend this highly enough and have been doing so to everyone I’ve spoken to since! Thank you so much OmMaYaOm.:) "

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