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Sen Monorom Town, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia - "Monnyvan Motel" 11254

Just BE It © 2018 Om Ma Ya Om Center

long term


What is the difference between change and transformation?

Change is reversible, Transformation IS NOT.


Join us on a journey to awaken to what limits you from being truly happy.

Come and learn about yourself in actuality, and experience and discover how to live a simple, conscious, and content life, free from sorrow.

This is a long-term holistic retreat, for people who wish to commit to living and growing in a conscious community for 3 or 6 months. This long-term retreat is an opportunity to experience deep self-exploration and transformation.


You will be able to transform your approach to life by meeting and overcoming the challenges life presents you. You will learn how to stop, question, reflect and take clear action, by investigating your mind. You will begin to observe your ways of thinking and notice how they affect your feelings, behavior, and actions.


Transformation starts with awareness. Are you ready to go on an Adventure within to discover your innermost potentials; activating & awakening new layers of possibilities? 

Focus & objective of this retreat

Meditation & Mindfulness


Goal Setting & Mind Mapping

Holistic Lifestyle Guidance

Conscious Movement

Daily Yoga

Nature walks


''The Work''

Get a dedicated wholehearted one-on-one mentoring, that will support you in any area that you wish to develop or change.

You will have a mentor that won't let you give up on yourself. A mentor that will give you a clear reflection and won't feel sorry for you. A mentor that will support to make you stronger.

You will learn how to integrate conscious living practices into your daily life and create lasting change in your outlook and attitude. Come and heal, grow, learn and express your true self in a supportive and welcoming community of all walks of life.