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Meet Your Self: 
A 21 Day Journey for
Detox, Self-Awareness 
& Transformation

Why go on a 21-Day Awakening Retreat?

To allow the unconscious mind to re-evaluate its life until now.


To go over all the habits, the conditioning, and find out what didn't work until now.

Then, to replace the old habit with a new habit that will support you to connect to yourself.

To take yourself out of the comfort zone - your daily routine. It will allow you to see your weaknesses, pain points and limitations more clearly, and it will give you an opportunity to adjust to a new way of perceiving life.


To dedicate your full attention to yourself without any external distraction, with one-on-one guidance that will meet your needs and adjust to your ability.


To spend a significant amount of time in a space where you practice the new condition over and over until it becomes your nature, so you are not dependent on the guidance.


What are you going to go through?

You are going to be challenged physically, emotionally and mentally, by following a new structure that you are not familiar with. We will take away all your conditioning; internet, phone, food style, conversation style, sport, sleep, etc.

You will start to question yourself and see what this questioning is pointing to. 

Then, you allow emotions to surface.



Who is this retreat for?

It is for people who have the urge to meet themselves and lose their comfort zone and their sense of control.

To those who are willing to:

✔︎ Meet the unknown and follow 100 percent, in order to realize what kind of change is right for them.

✔︎ Expose their vulnerability and have the openness to share it.

✔︎ Question and discuss deeply and not just follow authority blindly.

✔︎ Overcome the resistance of feeling discomfort.

✔︎ Strengthen their pain tolerance.

✔︎ Meet the goal and the journey as one and not give up due to the fear of failure.

✔︎ Try new things.


What will you get by the time you leave the retreat center?

You will get to be more aware of your body, emotions, and thoughts.

Aware of how to strengthen your body and support your mind to be present and clear, to adapt and adjust to what is.

You will have the ability to question your mind and experience what happened as it was, and not as you think it should have been.


By the time you leave, you will have the ability to stretch and deal with the pain, and instead of reacting to it, you will develop an ability to respond to it with clarity and ease.


You will have a clear guide as to what is required from you to do, step-by-step, in order to be present, adapt to what is, maximize your abilities and realize that you are your only obstacle and you can choose to overcome your limitation.


You will have an ongoing reminder not to forget who you are and what supports you to be yourself.

Come and learn about yourself in actuality, and experience a taste of a simple, conscious, and content life, free from sorrow.

This is a program for those who wish to commit to living and growing in a conscious and supportive environment for long term.

This long-term retreat is an opportunity to experience deep self-exploration and change.


You will be able to change your approach to life by meeting and overcoming the challenges life presents you. You will learn how to stop, question, reflect and take clear action, by investigating your mind.

Are you ready to go on a journey within? 

Get a dedicated wholehearted 1:1 mentoring, that will support you in any area that you wish to develop or change.

You will have a mentor that won't let you give up on yourself. 

A mentor that will give you a clear reflection and will support to make you stronger.

You will learn how to integrate conscious living into your daily life and create lasting change in your perspective and attitude. 


Come and heal, grow, learn and express yourself in a supportive, intimate and welcoming space.

Our 21 day program integrates the 10 day program and goes deeper into the areas we want to develop more awareness and make a change in them.


*Please read our 10 day program to get a clear image of the 21 day program.*

meditation girl in nature

Sandra's testimonial (from Scotland)

21 Day Awakening to Life Detox Retreat

This retreat is different from many.

It is held in a beautiful, peaceful, large, green space.

There are three shalas down a hill beside a flowing river where iridescent butterflies flit.

However, this is not a vacation with added activities.

It is for those who are truly committed to change, who wish to transform their lives and are prepared to face the difficulties in order to do so.

To give you some flavour of the philosophies exposed by the center, it might be advisable to read the works of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, etc.

OmMaYaOm aims to help you build resilience so that you are better able to deal with life’s ups and downs.

It aims to build your strength of body, mind, and spirit - though it has no religious doctrine or belief to project.

Here you learn to know yourself, to see where your thoughts and beliefs are causing misunderstanding and upsets in your life.

You will build physical strength to support the simultaneous development of mental and emotional resilience.

You will be supported in the breaking down of the resistance you feel towards letting go of the familiar - old habits, principles, beliefs, and thoughts that no longer serve you.

This can be more challenging than you can imagine - and the sense of challenge can grow over time, so can the feeling of vulnerability.

Like the skins of an onion, you peel back each layer of the armour that you have accumulated so that you feel unburdened, loose, free & relaxed.

It goes without saying that the longer your stay here the more you can unburden yourself and the greater the sense of vim, vigour, and vitality that might accompany you when you return to enjoy your precious gift of life - to the full! "

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