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How to be here and now?

Who would you be without any thought?

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Use the body to be here now

Believing our thoughts is what stands in our way from living in harmony, peace, and joy.

It is that simple.

The truth is, we can experience harmony right now! And not only can, but this is our actual experience, when we see reality as it is and not as we wish it would be.

We have so much covering, veiling on the present moment, that we can’t see the forest for all the trees. We cannot see the essence of who we are, of what is in front of us.

This simple experience of being here now is available to us all the time.

It’s so simple that we made it complex.

There is nothing special about it, yet.. it is all there is.

Start to notice how it happens. How you become identified with your thoughts, get into reaction, choose to act upon your reaction, then create and sustain negativity within you…

Being here now cuts the story that was a moment ago, and allows for the fresh moment to come into being.

“No way, there’s no way that it all comes down to this moment, seeing, experiencing that it’s not happening right now, Recognizing that it’s my projection, and move on. No way that I have created all my problems in life, all the obstacles. There must be some truth in them, some logic!”

Yes. Are you willing to experience it? Do you want to experience it? Or do you prefer to hold onto your story, your idea about life?

If you could choose between your idea of life and the experience of life, what would it be?

When you are here now, you can recognize that what is happening is what you want because it is the only thing that exists.

So what is paradise? What is Hell? Who chooses? How to choose?

What is the way out of the Matrix, and how do I become aware that I’m in the Matrix?

Why get out of the Matrix – why make a change?


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