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Navigating Emotional Balance: Can We Live Without Drama?

Is it possible to lead a life without constantly swinging between emotional highs and lows? How can one find emotional balance?

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How can I develop the skill of walking the middle path? Can I control my feelings?

When I stop and observe, I recognize that everything is undergo a change…

So, how can I follow the change? How can I really affect the change? What are the things that I can ask myself and be aware of while dealing with the change?

First, I’ll start by slowing down my life, because then I can see the cause and effect of what I do. Then, I can start to work with the effect of the change.

Can I face the change, acknowledge it, be grateful for it and work with it?

Meditation retreat
Meditation session at Om Maya Om Retreat Centre in Portugal

My societal conditioning is to fight with the change, understand it and make some meaning out of it, like how it relates to my life.

How can I connect to the change without being so much affected by it? without feeling helpless, that I lack the energy to deal with and feel lost and confused by it.

let’s look at the conditioning. unpleasant sensation – what do we tell ourselves? why do I feel what I feel? is something wrong with me? how can I feel better? what do I have to do in order to appreciate and experience something different than I feel right now?

Ask yourselves these questions that will allow you to stop and reflect.

to look within.

What do you want right now?

If everything is undergo a change, you cannot control it.

What you can do is to appreciate the change as it is.

Can you see that?

man smiling

How is your life?

How do you relate to your daily life?

Do you have doubts? Do you have difficulties?

What are the practical questions and actions to take regarding your life?

How will you know unless you look deep within yourself and observe?

If I did not have the idea that I should or shouldn’t be something…

Who planted this idea within us, to become something different than we are? Can we live without an idea, a concept of how we should live? Of what is the right or wrong thing for us to do?

Without the idea of having peace, harmony, without believing any concept to be true… Is there peace there?

How do we live our life, practically? In a way that can truly support us to be ourselves, connect, and share love?

Let’s find out the reason we are here.

man smiling with eyes closed

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