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Is it Possible to Be Always Happy?

ALWAYS is only NOW.

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What is being happy?

It might appear like a nice concept,

a nice philosophical discussion.

But you can experience it right now at this moment.

this simple direct experience

before the thought arises,

before “I need anything”

before labelling this experience, and by that, limiting it.

To bring this theory into practicality,

I have to come back and be here and connect to my five senses.

This is what is happening right now.

It's up to us to remember.

Our job is to remind ourselves to be here.

we don't have to have a concept about being here,

it is what it is.

Maybe you ask yourself,

How can I function like that?

moment by moment you will find out.

it's not a mystery

it's not magic

it's a very ordinary movement

Our job is to question our mind,

which means to question our beliefs.

Do you want to know how to do it?

Come back to this moment.

Observe your five senses without labelling what you experience.

What is happening right now, without labelling the experience?

conscious living, lifestyle blog, change, mindful life, retreat

It's very ordinary.

That's why sometimes it is overlooked.

When you go on a retreat,

you take yourself away from your comfort zone

away from your habits, your conditioning,

and go to a space where you allow your mind

to be in the unknown.

You condition your mind to cope with what is

and see that it's not too bad!

We have this ability to adjust to what is.

We simply forgot.

We have to come back to ourselves,

but we don't know what it means.

I can invite you at this moment to be with the body,

to be with the five senses

and observe, notice what is happening

As it is

every time the mind is wandering -

to a memory,

projecting to the future

as imagination

You are here.

Because everything is happening at this moment

You can ask "who is aware of this moment?"

You don't have to have an answer.

Are you okay to not have an answer to "who is aware of this moment?"

We weren't conditioned to be here,

yet sometimes we have these glimpses of presence

without understanding what it is to be here

I don't know, and I'm still here.

Freedom, enlightenment, awakening,

these are all concepts...

It is a concept that is pointing to to the direct experience

before the thought arises.

conscious living, lifestyle blog, change, mindful life, retreat

Self-realization is

only this moment

it is not a process

Time does not exist there

definitely no form nor name

How can we live in this moment?

Is it possible to live in this moment?

Yes, it is.

Recondition your mind, recondition your habits

by developing a new condition

By questioning the mind

The mind questions itself

and the rest will be revealed

when you start to question yourself

you need support, to support yourself.

This is the moment.

Observe - before the thought arises,

Are you here?

Do you need to know who you are?

Do you need to explain yourself anything?

We all have the ability to be here.

to know ourselves, not mentally,

but as direct experience.

How do you do that?

come back here.

you don't have to understand what it means

Maybe you heard this concept many times

so what?

now is the only time that exists.

Try, do it.

Find out for yourself!

There is no method

there is no journey

there is no practice

except for this moment.

That's our practice.

Whatever you do right now

It is what it is.

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