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Have you Heard about Walking Barefoot?

Are you looking for relaxation, better sleep, longing to connect with nature but think you have to wait for the weekend?

walking barefoot

Remember, there is a simple way available to all of us and it will only take five minutes from your busy day: Drop your shoes and walk!

This is a mindful practice that has many physical and mental well-being benefits such as:

* improves blood circulation

* reduces the risk of heart disease and inflammation

* helps connect you to nature

* develops Body awareness

For this practice, begin by walking slowly and focus acutely on your steps – feel the sensations under your feet, the temperature change of the ground, and connect to the breath and body through all your senses.

This practice will support you in clearing your mind and helping you experience being more centered. It also offers your internal organs a free reflexology experience, from the pressure of the ground and the little stones under your feet.

Your feet will become stronger and more flexible, naturally improving your balance.

If you don’t have a garden, that’s ok! There is probably a park somewhere on your daily path.

Ready to try?

So step barefoot towards happiness.

walking barefoot

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