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The Purpose of Having a Life Vision

The purpose for creating a life vision is to have a reminder.

Life vision is like a goal- you have a reference point to walk on the path that will bring clarity to your life. When you reach the purpose of life- to live, to be alive, there is no need to have a life vision. Yet as long as the mind is confused, has doubts and stress, then it needs to have a reference point where to go and what is the purpose in order to come back to here.

The purpose of having a life vision
Direct, one-pointed desire
We are not conditioned to find what we want.

The point of having a life vision is to create focus. The focus is to live a purposeful life, on one point that will go as a thread throughout my life.

The life vision is personal and universal. I am not separate from the whole. If I don’t support the whole, the whole will not support me.

The vision we set supports the quality of my life, the morality of my life, and my ability to be clear, present and connected to myself. To make transformation is to organize my life, ask the right questions and take action from a place of clarity, so I don’t scatter my energy.

Each one of us has to create a vision that they resonate with. This simply gathers the energy for the one pointed desire to arise, and give us a purpose to wake up in the morning.

Steps for creating a life vision:

1. stop,

2. ask questions, and

3. find out what you want.

Then, you have to see where you are and what are the steps to get to where you want to be.

The goal allows you to walk on the path and realise the goal that you want to achieve. 

You experience the goal along the journey. When I am here, there is no goal. When I’m not conscious that I’m here, the goal supports me to come back here and see that there is no goal.

The goal and the journey are one.

The goal is the starter to reflect back to you what you want. It supports you to move in the direction you want. For example, the goal to free yourself, so it triggers you to question the thoughts that limit you, and then you start to realize and experience that you are already free. 

By recognizing that I am not separate from what is, there is peace.

When I’m not conscious that I’m present, and so I want something that I don’t have right now, I create a goal that will support to bring me to be here and now. That’s the paradox!

I need a concept -'to be happy'- that will destroy all other concepts. The concept itself will dissolve eventually.

The goal is to be happy because I don’t experience happiness right now.

Q: How do I use the goal of being happy to be here?
A: Create a structure that reminds you to be alive by doing different exercises, living in an environment that reminds you to be here and now, around people that allow you to be, until you don’t need any more reminders.

I wake up in the morning, do exercise, question my beliefs, reflect on my life, eat alive food- this structure will awaken the body and the knowledge within me, until I start to experience that I am happy.

I work with my beliefs of why I’m not happy. Then, all that remains is happiness.

Awakening & Transformation Center
Vision mapping at OmMaYaoM Awakening & Transformation Center
The vision will support you to discover your true nature.

We have to remove the veiling, our tendencies and latencies, that made us pretend and be who we are not, so that we can have the clarity we seek to be ourselves.

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