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How to Understand Cause and Effect in Your Life

When you experience stress, fear or anger,

what was the cause that brought you to feel what you felt? 

What triggered it?

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Egg or Chicken?

Let's examine the mechanism of the mind.

First - I don’t like what I see.

Then, I don’t like what I feel.

I get into reaction and I stop meeting what is.

Finally, I try to change what is (what was) and control what will be.

The CAUSE is the thought.

The emotion, the feeling and the sensation are the EFFECT.

The cause creates the effect, and the effect turns to be the cause for the new effect.

So, how do we work with this mechanism?

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To Transform the Effect – Work with the Cause

When we work with the cause, we can change the effect.

The cause is within the effect, but the effect is not within the cause.

Many times the cause is hidden- covered up by the effect.

For example, the clay and the cup.

The clay is the cause, the cup is the shape that we make from the clay.

If we break the cup, what will remain is the clay.

In order to change the effect, we need to see where the cause arose from, and then when we work with the cause, we influence and transform the effect.

When you hold a glass cup, and you ask people what they see, they will tell you that it’s a cup, but it’s not a cup, it’s glass.

We were conditioned to recognize the effect, and not the cause.

glass cup with water
What do you see?

The cause is “I” and the effect is the me, you, them.

So if I have a challenge with me, you, or with them, I have to work with the “I” and find out what the “I” created.

The process of the "I":

"I" created an idea

"I" forgot that it created the idea

"I" believed the idea to be true

and now "I" is in reaction (fear) in order to sustain the idea.

"I" need ideas in order to exist.

"I" is dependent on ideas in order to sustain its existence.

Without thoughts to define the "I", who would I be?

When "I" wake up to reality by asking these questions, "I" recognizes itself as the awareness, and not as the idea.

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Be still and notice who you are

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