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What Do You Want?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself,

Why do you live as you live?

looking at the river

We do not always stop and ask, what is the purpose of our life?

We all have the urge to understand and know what this is all about, what do we live for?

what do we want?

We were conditioned to believe and not to question.

How do we live our life as we live it? How did it happen? How did we choose this life?

What makes us follow an idea that does not always satisfy our will?

What makes us be happy forever?

Have you ever wondered… if there is another way to live life? If the path you chose is the right path for you? If you chose the life you live, or if it was chosen for you?

What prevents you from living the life you truly want to live?

What does a life you want look like?

A life that inspires you ; A life that makes you passionate and eager to live and wake up in the morning ; A life that you look forward to live, to grow and enrich yourself..

Recipe for a happy life: ☀️


* Gratitude

* Intentions

* Rest

* Movement

* Good food

* Hydration

* Clarity


Wake up with gratitude Set your intentions for the day Pause several times throughout the day Move your body consciously Eat well

Drink well

Rest well

See what is as it is

Close the day with gratitude

Simple and effective Practice, but not in theory. You have to practice it to experience the effects.


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