Are You Happy?

Did you accomplish your intention for this week? month? year?

I often think about reaching my goal.


But the question is,

What is the reason that I want to become?

What is the reason that I want to achieve?

What is it that I'm looking for?

I forgot to stop and ask this simple question:

What do I want?

I want to be content.

I want to be happy,

I want to be alive,

to feel connected and share love,

with everyone around me.

I want people to appreciate me,

and I want to appreciate people.

As long as I seek to become something,

it will be impossible to acknowledge and to recognize what I have.

it sounds very simple.

well, it is very simple.

Just the condition,

the habit is to be... -> There.

To reach the goal,

to become a happy person

to become a powerful being.

All for one reason:

being content

being happy

to have the sense of freedom

that I can be what I want to be.

Let's look at that.

Notice how the energy,

the state of the mind,

the movement of the mind is


seeking to be happy

We have so much craving for pleasure,

and so much aversion to pain.

So we chase one and avoid the other.

Did it work for you so far?

Is the system that we are in, working for us?

If yes, we don't have to change anything.

just be,

be yourself.

But if not, what is the reason,

that we continue to sustain,

to support this system?

Our individual system and our social system.

It's time to ask the question.

It's time to stop and find out,

What is it that works for me?

Why do I follow a system that causes me

to compare my self to my yesterday self?

to compare my self to other people?

Is it necessary to do in order to be happy?

I cannot give you the answer.

I cannot give myself the answer.

I have to ask it moment by moment,

and directly experience it.

To awaken the intellect

the knowledge within oneself,

and be sincere, be earnest.

If I'm not happy -

what is the cause of my unhappiness?

This is a message for all of us -

It's available.

More and more people are waking up.

More people are asking this question,

searching for it.

Call it "new age",

"new global shift of consciousness"...

give it any name you like,

it doesn't really matter.

It's available.

It has been pointed to us for many years.

This is the moment to realize who you are.

This is the moment to choose to be alive.

Not to be dead.

This is the moment to choose to be content,

to be happy,

regardless of what is happening.

Why now?

because there is no other time.

The bad news -

no one has ever been freed.

no one.

The good news -

No one needs to be freed.

It's the time to recognize that right now,

at this moment,

I'm free.

If I don't recognize it,

then I will ask,

How come I'm not free?

what is the cause?

Now, don't look for an answer.

Directly experience that.

Then, you might wander,

how does one work with one's habits and conditioning?

There are millions of techniques.

You have to find the one that supports you,

moment by moment.

You have to see that it's working for you right now,

not in the future.

When you hear people say-

"practice, and one day you will realize it"

It's a nice concept.

But I'm not satisfied with it.

When I'm hungry,

I want to eat now and right away.

To experience that shift is happening in me,

I want to feel it right now, not tomorrow.

I see that this is why we are here.

To remind ourselves what we forgot.

To remind ourselves that we follow a system,

and it's not even our system!

We follow this system without questioning the system,

any system it is.

The government system, army system, the religious system...

It's not important to separate between them.

See it as one -

A System.

I don't have to get rid of the system.

I don't have to destroy the system.

I want to understand it.

I want to directly experience,

What is the system?

How does it operate?

What is the cause that I experience unhappiness?

"Something is missing."

What is the cause of it?

and don't look for an answer, just observe.

The wisdom will come from within you and

it will constantly change.

This is the moment.

This is the message for the entire universe,

which doesn't belong to any of us.

Let's do it,

Right now.

Ask the question

Are you happy?

Don't look for the answer.

There is recognition.

If you're not happy,

If you're not content,

find a way by questioning, then observing,

without looking for an answer.

If you are content,

If you are happy,

just be.

The rest will be taken care of.

All beings deserve right now to experience,

that they are




Let's do it together.

Although each of us,

is doing it for their own self,

Just the energy, the collective mind,

which is one mind - can support the whole.

One candle ignites a small amount of light

But a million candles become a huge light

to remind all of us who we are.

May we all have a perfect moment.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

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