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How to Be with Yourself when Feeling Down

Can I be with myself, when I don't want to?

Can I see the perfection of this moment, even when I feel pain?

Can I recognize that right now, all is fine?

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The thing is,

I don't have a problem with life.

The problem starts only when I believe the thoughts

'It could be like this'

'It should be like that'

'It shouldn't be like that'

I forgot...

That these are only thoughts.

The tool is to recognize them

To notice their appearance

And to awaken to the reality

of what is - as it is, moment by moment.

I don't have to understand reality...

I don't have to understand the mind...

I don't have to understand the feeling...

I simply need to remind myself

That whatever is happening right now

is already Over

and I am still here, aware.

This “I” that is aware is not a thought.

It simply is, I simply am,

a constant change.

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I start to see the difference between

the thought reporting what is

and the thought reporting what I’d like it to be

how it could be, how it should be.

Does it make me stronger

to escape the feeling?

to avoid the challenge?


So I’m gonna meet what is - as it is.

whatever comes my way - I will face it.

When anger, frustration, and violence arise within me

it is an opportunity for me to stop and question;

Am I arguing with life?

Or to simply remind myself

to see this moment - as it is.

When we keep this moment simple,

It's effortless to be with what is.

with the pain.

Whatever appears within me

it is bound to change.

It shall pass, like everything else.

Notice how the experiencer

who claims “this is my experience”

who projects “it will get worse”

Doesn’t recognize

that this is an experience that constantly changes.

I recondition the mind

to see what is - as it is

no more - no less

and to understand that it is conditioned.

It perceives a world

that is projected from within.

We don't have to change our perceptions...

We can simply start to acknowledge

What is the cause - of my agitation?

What is the cause - of my resistance?

What is this mechanism - that I was born into and sustain?

We can start to notice our should’s and shouldn't’s.

Once we are aware of this conditioning

it will gradually start to change.

You don't have to believe me

Just try

Acknowledge “it is what it is”

allow this moment to be

and connect to what is happening right now.

Use the pain to connect to yourself.

This is a reminder

To come back home.

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