What is Holding You Back From Making a Change?

Most of us believe that we have all the time in the world to change. Is that so?

When is a good time for change? Is there any time other than NOW?

Make your own path

We tell ourselves that now is not a good time, that first, we need to finish this thing and then we will make that change.

Then- we will change the diet… We will quit the job… change our lifestyle… work on our relationship… contact this person… take care of that thing… go to the doctor… start working out… stop with this habit.. start taking action… Find and pursue our passion…

We convince ourselves that we don’t have a choice right now, but later on it will happen.

We are simply not being honest with ourselves.

Let’s start by admitting that first of all- we are afraid of change, because it is unknown.

What will happen? How will it affect us?

What are you waiting for?

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We are afraid of failure, being rejected, starting again, loosing, not gaining, challenge, pain, being ridiculed, judged, of putting ourselves in unfamiliar territories that we don’t excel in.

Plus, it’s a good time to admit that we are lazy, and we don’t want to deal with what this change might bring and take responsibility for it.

After these two things are out of the way, now we can observe and inquire into the matter.

Does it support us to be limited to our own ideas?

Do we want to live a life of limitation?

If not, what is the way to change?

Can there be change without challenge?

Are you ready for challenge?

If change had not been a challenge, people would have probably done something about it a long time ago, don’t you think?

Is there a change you want to make in life,

but no action has been taken yet?

What is stopping you from taking action right Now?

Is there a better moment to start?

Are you sure that one day this moment will come?

Change only happens in the present moment.

Live Today Fully.

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