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What is Freedom?

Freedom is something to be experienced right now.

It is always available to us.

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The freedom to choose what we want,

to see what isn’t working for us

and to decide what is right for us.

We also have the freedom to choose what isn’t working for us.

We are the ones who choose to be afraid,

to get stressed,

to be angry,

to resent,

and to blame.

As long as person is not fully aware of his own mind mechanism, which is expressed through thoughts, feelings and behaviour (like habits), aware of the cause and effect of things (implications), and doesn’t start to ask essential life questions such as why I do what I do and what is the purpose of it… there can be no change.

Even if change does seem to happen, but it does not really come from deep insight, from a conscious state, then it will only be temporary and not really revolutionary to one’s life.

Any conscious change one makes in a particular field, begins to affect and make a change in all other areas of life that we have not been aware of or repressed them for years.

conscious living, lifestyle blog, change, mindful life, retreat


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