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Get Started with Conscious Living

What is Conscious Living?

What does it mean to live consciously? 

Here is a simple reminder to get you started with living life more consciously.

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Conscious living is about being aware of your body, emotions, energy, and mind – from the gross to the subtle. It is the simple ability to connect to this moment, work with it and not go against it.

It is a life of order, where one knows his role in life and takes responsibility.

Where one realizes what is right and supporting him to be happy.

A life of simplicity; simple food, simple environment, simple movements, and simple interactions.

A life connected to nature. Connection to this moment as it is.

A life of clarity, where one is clear with oneself and the surrounding.

A life of wholeness, where one lives with oneself in peace.

A life free of competition, jealousy, comparison, and fear.

A life free of ideas and projections, of should and shouldn't, of right or wrong.

A desireless state, life of contentment and satisfaction with reality, as it unfolds.

When we experience a challenging situation in life which brings about stress, anger, fear, sorrow, jealousy, frustration, doubt, etc, many times we act unconsciously in a way that doesn’t truly support us to be happy.

Conscious living is about being vigilant, when the mind is -

・ Dwelling on the past or projecting to the future.

・ Distorting reality and arguing with what is. 

・Creating separation between the observer and the observed.

Conscious living is about being total with life, as it unfolds.

We have the tendency to look for a solution to what might happen. 

What the conscious mind does is face reality and adapt to it.

It doesn't work with the future projections, but with what is available and happening right now.

conscious living retreat
Conscious Living retreat

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Conscious living is an organic, natural and simple way of engaging in life.

Engaging from a centered and non-emotional place, that responds only to this moment. A conscious mind is not affected nor occupied by the imagined outcome, in the future.

A conscious being is someone who experiences life, and not so much thinks about life. He doesn't use all his energy on analysing, calculating and measuring life, with the should's and shouldn't, the right and wrong, the gain and loss, the good and bad.

He simply works with it is.

Conscious Living & Awakening Questions

Use these questions to clarify your needs, goals, and intentions.

These questions will support you to awaken your inner knowledge.

• What is not completely in alignment with your life?

• Is there anything that you wish to change in your life?

• Are you aware of any resistance you have in life? (in the form of anger, fear, frustration, doubt, jealousy, etc…)

• Why is it challenging for us to make a change in life - our approach, behaviour, habits?

• How come we run away from situations that cause us discomfort?

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We simply forgot to connect to it.


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