How to Get Started with Conscious Living?

What is Conscious Living? What does it mean to live consciously? 

Here is a simple reminder to get you started with living life more consciously.

Can you look at a flower without the label "flower"?

Conscious living is being aware of your body, emotions, energy, and mind – from the gross to the subtle. Being able to connect to this moment, work with it and not go against it.

Conscious living is about being vigilant, when the mind is-

✹ Dwelling on the past or projecting to the future.

Distorting reality and fighting with what is. 

Creating separation between the observer and the observed, the doer and the doing, the experiencer and the experience.

Conscious living is about being total with everything, as it is.

We have the tendency to look for a solution to what might happen. 

Even though the past and the future are used as a reference point to engage and communicate in life (cause and effect), still we have the ability to see life as it is and not project what could or might be. 

What the conscious mind does is work with what is and adapt to it. 

Conscious living is an organic, natural and simple way of engaging in life.

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Engaging in a centered and non-emotional way, that responds (instead of reacts) from a clear, simple and present mind, which is not so affected nor occupied by the imagined outcome, in the future.

In order not to create a story about life, one has to observe oneself as the entity moving in the space, and recognize that one is the space: Consciousness.  -Yigal OmJi

So action is happening, change is happening, and one is alive.

A conscious being is a being that experiences life and not so much thinks about life, with its’ should's and shouldn'ts, right and wrong.

Just the way it is.


If you want to take some time away from your comfort zone and your daily routine, you might want to know what are the benefits of doing so and their effects. (read more in our post - "why go on a retreat?")

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