How to Deal with a Life Change?

What does it mean - meet the change?

How can I meet and adapt to something that keeps changing?

Meeting change is our ability to experience this moment from clarity, by observing our thoughts that cover and distort what is, and projecting what isn't.

Most of us perceive life mentally rather than experientially - through our ideas about life rather than through our actual experience of life.

That means, we interpret life from a view point of right and wrong, good and bad, should or shouldn't, and not from what is really happening [reality].

Our experiences became our thoughts and feelings, and not what is.

What is can be described and experienced through our 5 senses, the breath, bodily sensations.

When we ask each other the casual "How was your day?" - what we mean is,

"What kind of thoughts and feelings you had about your day?"

How we interpret this moment is based on our past memory and experience, and we don't notice that we perceive this moment with the eyes of the past.

To work with change, I have to meet this moment and examine what I can do with it, as it changes.

Q: How can I support myself in times of change?

A: Start observing the change that is happening around you and inside you -

these ordinary changes that happen constantly; The wind blows, the hand moves, the bird sings. See how everything is constantly undergo a change.

The moment you are aware of these ordinary changes, and not just the extreme changes in your day, you will be able to adjust to it much more clearly and quickly. 

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Notice within you the desire for pleasure and rejection of pain.

It will make it easier for you to notice the change, the impermanence of this moment. 

Notice the change in your thoughts, feelings, and body.

The more you are aware of the change, the less you are identified with it.

Notice how we compare the outer experience and the inner experience;

What happens outside of us makes us feel discomfort in the body. 

We argue that the outer is the cause of our discomfort and we sustain it, which takes us away from the change that is happening right now, as we are very delusional and occupied with the outer change.

We need to have a clear awareness that can see reality as it is.

That is how we will merge and adapt to what is happening.

It will support us to live life drama-free, with open and loving relationships, a positive attitude and approach to life, and gratitude for what is.

We will discover in this awakening process that reality is much kinder than we thought it is...

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